Glorified Dream

Blown embers crackling, a soul burning in hell

Of falling and burning, in shape and in sense

Than an act of love, to live for above and beyond

The sky which is strange, the present lives to show

She is trying to explore, future is an invention

Waiting there Staring, emptily at her empty life

In gasp air in a lonely  city, feeling the sensation

The thought of living, for the sole dream

Down to its dregs, She realizes that alien

As this stranger is to hem, there’s little else

A rich nostalgia, and understand doubtful

She cocks her ears, there’s mere loneliness

Licked by flames, mares neighing and

Deeper down, save a racing heart

In the unending pursuit, Of a livelihood

How bending deforms, in the mirror

The void has blanched, the view of memory

Not withstanding, how dear to her

A glorified dream

© Rana M All Rights Reserved

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