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Forever in Love

A gleam above the surface of the waves ferociously wild
The calm in the middle of thunder creates chaos I oppose

The thundering rocks battling the storms do carry tales untold
Unsung songs of misery are then revealed by all the highs and lows

The cruel force of burning desires diminishes emotions in its way
Slow but eager, sorrows of sweet pain, the destiny I chose

But why no one understands the vitality of my clean heart
Shadows of those shattered dreams dispersed in silence and froze

My soul exhibits love in the darkness to the audience so heartless
My passions are so intense they brighten the color of the Rainbows

© Rana M  13 June 2023 All rights reserved

“Explore the profound depths of eternal love through the exquisite verses of ‘Forever in Love.’ This mesmerizing poem captures the essence of a timeless bond, where hearts intertwine, and souls unite in an eternal embrace.”

Immerse yourself in the timeless realm of love and let the poetic masterpiece, “Forever in Love,” whisk you away to a world where passion knows no bounds. With each line carefully crafted, this enchanting poem weaves a tapestry of emotions that transcends the limitations of time.

Within the verses of “Forever in Love,” the concept of eternity takes center stage, exploring the profound depths of a love that surpasses the fleeting moments of mortal existence. It speaks of a connection that stretches far beyond the boundaries of our earthly existence, delving into the eternal realm where love resides.
The poem begins by painting a vivid portrait of love’s grandeur. It portrays a love that defies the constraints of time, where the souls of two individuals intertwine and become one. Like stars that burn eternally in the vast expanse of the universe, their love radiates with an otherworldly brilliance.

As the verses unfold, “Forever in Love” delves into the tapestry of emotions that accompany such an everlasting bond. It captures the euphoria and serenity that come hand in hand as lovers navigate the twists and turns of life’s journey. Their love remains unwavering through joy and sorrow, triumph and adversity, a guiding light in the darkness.
The poem invokes the imagery of nature to depict the enduring strength of love. It parallels the mighty oak tree, its roots digging deep into the earth, symbolizing the foundation on which love thrives. Just as the oak stands tall against the test of time, so does the love portrayed in “Forever in Love” remain steadfast, unyielding to the passage of years.

In its closing lines, the poem invites the reader to embrace the essence of eternal love. It encourages them to cherish every precious moment and to recognize that love’s most accurate form lies not in fleeting encounters but in the timeless connection shared by two souls. “Forever in Love” serves as a reminder that love, when nurtured and celebrated, can transcend the boundaries of time and exist in an everlasting embrace.

With its lyrical beauty and evocative imagery, “Forever in Love” leaves an indelible mark on the reader’s heart. It whispers of eternal love, reminding us that time constraints do not bind the most profound connections but live on in the depths of our souls, forever in love.

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