First Love

First love is everyone’s fantasy. Lyrics of a love song or rhymes of romantic poems. Everyone falls for it. Sometimes it is fascinating and sometimes it is agitating. It is like many of my other romantic poems. I have tried to explain and express my deepest feelings about love, life, and romance. The more I go deeper the more I get emotional. And the more I then write about the fundamentals and basics of love, feelings, and emotions.

You can go searching for poems about life or poems about love and romance. You can even go further to find out more on over the web for quality content and beautiful poems.

My poems are the essence of my poesy. like you can read Magic Fall which is my latest poem. And further you can read my books to know more about what I write. Namely the book The Perfect Betrayal can be a good read.


First Love
Written by Rana M

I remember I’d not really yet discovered myself
Even the heart had known to nothing fascinating

Perhaps the earth doth moved and the oceans empty
To me, stars were complicated but slightly aggravating

It is when my heart had not learned to communicate
My dreams were young, and feelings were relegating

Nothing looked ugly, and everything seemed wonderful
Gestures were pretty wile, the emotions were imitating

How absurd first love is always confused as infatuation
All the charms ceased in, desires ready but contemplating

Copyright© Rana M   2019 All Rights Reserved 



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