Why do I love?

Love is not about fantasies, or is it? It is not indulging in one subject. Thus the more we talk about it, the more we find our strengths and discover what is underneath our desires. Is it all about romance? Or passion? Or glory?. Is it all about sex or touch or feel?

Eloquent questions pop up in your mind in need of answers from your soul. But sometimes the soul further does not have any answers, or perhaps it does not deem necessary to acknowledge such queries. Therefore our inner self goes on to explore. And the phenomenon is so intriguing that it forgets what’s right and wrong. Falling in love is not entirely easy. People may ask why I love you or what is it that you do. And the answer is I do because I love.

Why do people fall in love? No one truly has that answer. But why do I choose what I love? That I can tell. I had been in search of a reply from my soul on this subject. But it was failing to respond. There had been times when I was not even me, in love. I lost all the grandeur and pride to claim what was mine. But what I thought was mine wasn’t genuinely worth it. But do I relish because I urge or I cannot live without it?. The answer is ” a bit of both.”

She didn’t wear the dress that day which I requested her. It was pretty cold outside. She was trembling in her jumpsuit. The jacket barely could stop air from hitting her bosom. Usually, I do not pry, but here I was, witnessing a glorious battle of nature versus beauty. The moment I kissed her, I felt her like blended snow in my mouth. The warmth of her breath could not justify why her cheeks were so frozen. Perhaps she needed me more than ever that day. To dwell inside her and to make her devoted and delighted, I had to start somewhere. So I chose to hug her first but then hoisted her in the air, clinging her legs in my right arm. My left arm was carrying her weight while her right cheek was kissing my left shoulder. She started smiling while I was gazing at her and sauntering.

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Put me down, she said, I murmured, ” No.” I had kissed her many times till now, and slowly she was getting cozy in my grip. I kept strolling and chattering about irrelevant things. Things that were not the subject outline to discuss that day. But to make her smile, this could be a great move to break the ice. Suddenly I decided to sit on the sofa nearby with her still wrapped in my arms. How much do you love me? She asked. I replied, ” more than I can even explain.” The time was ticking, and her presence was striking my soul in every angle possible. My heart was pondering into the ocean of love. Indeed It was writing notions about a passionate radiance. And then Our lips were gossiping about the real impact of passion. Falling in love is not entirely easy. People may ask why I love you or what is it that you do. And the answer is I do because I love.

We kept floating in that mood for a while. And explore ourselves in love as much as we could on that particular day. She was so delighted at that moment; her smile could tell me those tales. Among other distinctions, her eyes were shining, and her cheeks were glowing. The focus was her beauty, and it was all about her one way or the other. It never occurred to me that the moment was ever going to end. To me, the time just froze, and the drench of romance was forever. She was like melting down in my arms like a chocolate bar. The warmth of my body was rising, and the more I loved her, the more it was gaining enthusiasm.

I never asked her if she loved me ever. Perhaps the heat of allegiance of my behavior towards her was not demanding. Or I didn’t want anything in return for my emotions about her. But even though I was exceptional in this case, sometimes I liked to hear the magic words I would ask her,” say that you love me.” She could repeat after me, but it never happened even once that she claimed this sentence on her own. Falling in love is not entirely easy. People may ask why I love you or what is it that you do. And the answer is I do because I love.

So it was one beautiful day my soul backfired on my heart asking, ” why do you love?. And the heart replied, ” I do because I just love; there is no reason why.”This argument is genuine, and I could not figure out the conclusion or the outcome of such encounters. Thus one thing is pretty clear that love is not designed to get the credit of or to gain control of situations. The state of love is not only comparative to the sentimental feelings in your heart but also is associated with the decisions your soul makes for your existence. In particular, it is the lava of emotions we cannot stop. It is a thunderstorm we cannot run away from. Love is a rainbow carrying various colors in its grasp, making every sight beautiful. Falling in love is not entirely easy. People may ask why I love you or what is it that you do. And the answer is I do because I love.

It is undoubtedly the most delicious recipe on earth — the most favorite and entertaining sport on this planet. Some may think it is a book about chapters of our life’s work in different segments. For artists, it is a canvas in various colors. But whatever is it that we can understand and whatever we wish to explore within it, it gets more beautiful with the weight of time. So if you want to ask me why do I love? The answer is, ” I do because I love, there is absolutely no reason why.”

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