Ecotourism and Pakistan

Tourism in Pakistan is one of the hottest topics today. And we are discussing “Ecotourism and Pakistan” to understand the potential of eco-friendly tourism in Pakistan. A reasonably rich country for having good potential for tourism is awaiting tourists from around the world to cherish its beauty and explore its inexplicable treasures. It vastly invites travelers to look upon the higher perspective of Sustainable tourism. Pakistan inevitably draws warm hospitality, spectacular mountains, fairy meadows, and ancient civilizations. Pakistan’s potential for growth in tourism is undoubtedly limitless. It proved so by attracting approximately 1.7 million tourists visiting Pakistan by the year 2017. Moreover, relatively with increasing it by the year 2018 with approximately 1.9 million tourists visited Pakistan.

What is Ecotourism

As part of the shift to preserve natural resources as much as possible. It is mainly the environmental impact of tourism over destinations and tourists, who are becoming acclimatized by it. Ecotourism is a form of tourism involving visiting fragile, pristine, and relatively undisturbed natural areas, intended as a low-impact and often small scale alternative to standard commercial mass tourism. The term is most popular among tourists who want to explore natural beauty on earth. It is one of the reasons why ecotourism is far becoming a big debate in the tourism industry.

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Scope of Ecotourism in general

Tourism is undoubtedly a dependable source of growth. As the technology advances and so the tourists it has thus improved much further than expected. Therefore tourism contributes around 10 percent of the World economy, according to World travel and tourism council. As ecotourism has become vital in tourism growth, more destinations are more eco-friendly these days.

Hence the tourists are adapting to it eventually. It has evolved into a concept of promoting culture over mass tourism. In this regard Global sustainable tourism (GSTC) outlines set criteria for destinations to host ecotourism. It ranges from supporting local business such as hotels to conserving natural resources. Ecotourism also encourages tourists in engaging to participate in the community.

Ecotourism is something that leads to and promotes sustainable tourism Two sets of GSTC Criteria:

1. GSTC Industry Criteria (for hotels and tour operators)
This set of Criteria relates to the sustainable management of private sector travel industry, focusing currently on Hotels and Tour Operators.

2. GSTC Destination Criteria
This set of Criteria relates to the sustainable management of tourism Destinations.

Imran Khan to promote Ecotourism in Pakistan

The prime minister of Pakistan vows to promote Ecotourism in Pakistan. For many tourism is a way of life and thus has a far descriptive motto in general. Tourism is a savior to many. So the more someone promotes tourism for the well-deserved destinations. The more we encourage the tourism industry which in a way will help us boost our economy. Imran Khan, Pakistan’s prime minister, is committed to kickstarting tourism in Pakistan. The aim is to help raise money for a welfare state.

Ecotourism and Pakistan, Sustainable tourism, Pakistan tourism , Pakistan

Imran Khan’s policy has so far extended to tweeting pictures of the country’s beaches and snow-capped mountains. The Prime minister has recently hosted a two-day tourism summit in a bid to his vision to promote tourism in Pakistan. Due to this Pakistan has eased down its visa policy to attract more tourists to Pakistan.

According to newspapers, Pakistan has launched online visa facility for 175 nations to boost tourism. It is pretty exciting to know that relatively positive steps are being taken to expand and promote tourism in Pakistan. It will help Pakistan in many ways especially portraying the real beautiful picture of Pakistan to the world.

Pakistan is a beautiful country and one of the most welcoming. Pakistan has stretched in staggering mountain scenery to the fascinating cities. Do not forget leafy green Islamabad with wide boulevards. Moreover, the old city of Lahore with its gardens, museums, and forts. Furthermore Kalash valleys with traditional lifestyles, dresses, and festivals. It has every aspect that carries the potential for ecotourism. Pakistan has equipped with natural beauty and hosts beautiful unexplored destinations. With a hope of Pakistan making its place in the top ten tourists destinations in the world, let us applaud the efforts so far. Let us hope for a better Pakistan, a more sustainable and the more attractive Pakistan.

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