Daughter Birthday

Daughter Birthday

Written by Rana M

Of what oceans I witness in your eyes my little princess
Your adulating smile has faded away by the worthless time

If storms in my heart can tell you, all you needed to know
I crumbled, yet the bitter north of life, surely a frozen clime

Dear darling daughter, my love for you perhaps a unicorn
With utmost alacrity, my life with its  interminable chime

Ask me how I meet you in my daydreams pouring in tears
I close my eyes and there you are, my love, prose, and rhyme

I adore you dear Umaiza my love, oh! my most precious pearl
My love for you is immutable, my emotions eternally sublime

Copyright© Rana M  2019 All Rights Reserved 

Umaiza my love, I wish you a happy birthday. You came into my life on April 16, 2013. I know the cruel time has faded the possibilities for us. Yet, my dear darling daughter, you are my precious pearl. I am writing this to tell you today how much I love you. I am writing this in poems for children, poems for daughters. And in love with my daughters. My poems can be read in daughter poems search as well. Umaiza my love, I wish you a happy birthday. Dear darling daughter, My daughter is celebrating her birthday today. I wish she lives happily forever.

A man’s life is full of surprises, do and don’t do lists. Hard chapters on the book of life and sometimes unexpected and unplanned routines. Likes and dislikes, goals and achievements but most of all love and lovable people he encounters in the path of his life. Figuratively speaking all the defined course of life designed by nature is very much in the cards and experiences follow the same pattern. One way or the other you got to taste the recipe of nature which comes in very sweet and delicious sometimes or sour and non-tastier the other time. The deal is to deal with it no matter what. Umaiza my love, I wish you a happy birthday. Dear darling daughter, My daughter is celebrating her birthday today. I wish she lives happily forever.

A daughter is a wonderful gift by God, it’s a unique and the most powerful feeling on earth which is more valuable than any existing or unexplored treasure on this planet. The bond of love between me and my daughters is as cherishable, charming and delightful like many others who tend to love their daughters, respect them, love them and believe in the spirit that daughters are the beautiful response of nature towards us. It is undoubtedly wonderful. I met my daughters in the best of my spirits and in a wonderful age to really experience the prettiest form of love and emotions ever discovered or imagined. As a daughter birthday song, this is my tribute to her.

In the love of my daughters, I have written a complete book. Yet it always seems not enough to talk about them or to explain the agony what I feel about them all the time. The sorrows that I carry are huge and living without them is such a difficult life I never imagined. The name of the book I wrote is ” Dear Darling Pearls” . The book is in paperback and Ebook formats and available online for purchase.

I have written many poems earlier as well in their memory ” Utaybah” and “Umaiza” respectively. Many others as well. I see through the window from the past how beautiful they are. I love them more than my life and I would always love them till I have my last breath. They are my everything.

Copyright© Rana M  2019 All Rights Reserved 

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