Choosing who to love | Choosing between old love and new love

No expiry of love but it is not for granted

No matter how you multiply your days with the emotions you exchange. Or the feelings you divide with your heart’s reflections. You can not cheat life for what it offers to you for the days you live on this planet. Delusions of your soul appear to your behavior’s gratitude, and so you cannot hide what is in your heart. Most of us fight with their demons but never know what are they fighting for? The goal of life must be determined to taste the fruit of love. If people start discovering their personality’s treasures, they will find this lifetime is not just enough to realize its full potential. Yet it all depends on a soul how long it can suffer from growing to a point where it gets weightless from the burden of illusion we call love. Choosing who to love is a difficult question to answer. Especially when you are choosing between an old love and new love.

Choosing who to love | Choosing between an old love and new love

It is hard to figure whom you chose to love and spend the rest of your life with. Please don’t compare your f**ck buddies with your beloved. Rhetorically speaking, you can’t technically be allowed to f**ck when you are in a relationship; otherwise, people would call you a cheater and refer you a retard. But as we progress towards development in technology, the cultural norms are pressed to a point where no one cares what the f**ck they are doing. People follow others if they see anything attractive and eye-catching, no matter how shitty the value of the subject would be. It would immediately go viral, and people start to follow shit. A girl is deemed dumb if she cannot sleep with people she can count. She must not calculate the people she sleeps with to get the title of a ” normal girl” in today’s society. So our conclusion here is simple that personalities don’t matter in the modern world, but preserving one’s interests. This scenario does not help you choose which one you love. It can builds momentum for you to decide with whom you are going to have a relationship.

Raging Bull –

Love is wild when your heart discovers it; there is no way out. Soon enough, it grips your soul and devours all the feelings and emotions you carry. It is like a raging bull, fierce in it run, flawless and unstoppable. It’s a phenomenon where people forget what they are and where they are. They do things that are not understandable and acceptable for the outside world. Lovers are lost in each other so much that the eyes of a beloved ornament an ocean for the real lover. They acknowledge each other as a legacy of nature and cherish each other no matter what happens. Choosing who to love is a difficult question to answer. Especially when you are choosing between an old love and new love.

Dominance and control –

It seldom appears that you find the other person the same way you feel about them when you love someone. You infrequently see them loving you back the way you do. Everyone can have a distinctive style, mood, gesture or personality, and attitude towards love. But it speaks only one language; it is rampant and impeccable. So if your question is love, you would plausibly discover the answer being love too. But sometimes people betray, and when you don’t gain love in return, you become heartbroken. Living in the 21st century, people label their lust and infatuation as love and use this word to manipulate the loop of life. You cannot cheat life.

You cannot cheat in love

Similarly, you cannot cheat in love and presume to be obscure. If and only if there’s real love between two people, it is not required for any of them to be dominant in any case. The only people who claim others to be prevalent are materialistic as they mock the word love because they never learn the accurate description. Their priorities are diverse, and so they have to make excuses. When excuses are created, then lies pop up too. So you deviate from the correct path of love and drive on a parallel road that belongs to this world and not to your lover. When this happens, your partner demands love from you, and when you insist on going on a road that pertains to the world, then your lover demands to be with him/her to live a monotonous life.



Complains vs. excuses.

In this scenario, the person who complains to others as dominant is the person who does not want to discourse the language of love. It is a person who does not envy to surrender anything for love but accuses others. Here is an example to elucidate this theory in any relationship where love is involved either in emotions or sentiments. People give and take feelings to justify their presence. Even parents implement care for their families to prove they love them.

Similarly, when it comes to romance, what is that one thing that keeps a relationship alive? or that one thing that establishes this connection? Is it love? And if it is love, how someone proves it, they love somebody else? So the answer is the actions that occur naturally during a romantic relationship: a kiss, a hug, making love, and much more. To determine who loves who and why this all happens in love, one must understand the fundamental principles to know where they stand in a relationship.

Make’s and Don’ts – Rules vs. the world.

We live in a society with culture and traditions, family, and other obligations to follow to exist in this so-called world. Here is where most people mess up as they mix their materialistic approach to romance and love. The world and love cannot be in one pot, and that’s the rule of nature on this planet. We have not seen any happy ending of a true love story. Lovers have always suffered and consecrated their joys into the hands of this materialistic world in the pages of history. But there are no rules in love. There are no boundaries whatsoever, either. So if someone claims they are in love and complain about this world to justify ” what they can’t do in love,” then recheck them; their claim is false. There are certain things a relationship demands, and here I mean any relationship in this so-called world. So when we do certain things to keep any materialistic relationship alive, we forget to be loyal and worthy enough to honor a romantic relationship. For example, in a romantic relationship, we offer anything we have to our beloved no matter what happens. We know when our beloved is angry and what makes her/him happy.

I love you

When you say the words ” I love you,” that’s a time stamp on anything in your life that belongs to your beloved. Trust those are compelling words, and people got to be careful if they utter them to someone. But when wrong people, people who are liars, speak these words and cannot obligate themselves as true lovers. They mess up because no one can travel in two boats at one time. You can keep the world or the love train. They can decide to live by the rules of a materialistic world. Or live by no limitations in their world of love. And remember the actual world you live in is the world around you that loves you, and the imitation of your heart loves it back.

Excuses Vs. Facts

Now come on, how can you make excuses in love. Excuses are all lies piled up in the wave of emotions that you convey. These are, in fact, the weaknesses you cannot overcome. Or perhaps your truth of commitment towards a relationship and while excuses are on the table. You forget that you said you love somebody. And promised a whole lot of stuff to them. So the relationship gets sour when you generate excuses for things you cannot do in love. For promises, you cannot keep, and for certainties, you cannot drop. The more the excuses, the weaker the relationship. It is like wishing a plant to grow without watering it.


Rebounds Vs. fresh


When you start a relationship, especially when you are a teenager, things look pretty rumpled at times. It is because the momentum of feelings and emotions is boundless to anything else. The heart is the king, and the mind is just a route to the journey. But whatever happens to this relationship if they diverge for unknown or known circumstances. And lovers fail to engage in and conquer each other. They make rebounds, and true lovers accept each other no matter what the events triggered the tragedy.


When rebounds happen, it means that both have allowed each other to begin where they left off and improve their love the way they ever wanted. Here they have more freedom than ever to express themselves to their beloved and reveal what had fallen back in the day. Both cannot forget the past and always remind each other of the moments they shared, the kisses, the hugs, and all the lovemaking in detail. Choosing who to love is a difficult question to answer especially when you are choosing between an old love and new love.


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