Certain Something

Nobody else has done it
Can only tell you one thing
My love for you is true
Now I feel we’re destined
I’ve lost my flipping’ mind
Baby you do own my heart
We’ll never ever be apart
It was written in the stars
Nobody else will do
The very being of my soul
My life is rearranging
I’ve closed the door behind
You needed my attention
At first I just amused you
But I’ll love you, girl forever
No one has come upon it
Nobody else but you
And babe you have control
To be together when we’re free
I hope you feel the same dear
Fate brought us together
It was not my intention
But I have so much more to give
You have that certain something

© Rana M   All Rights Reserved

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  1. Coffeeeandcream Reply

    Beautiful poem:) I’m still new to blogging, would appreciate it if you wanted to check out my site! x

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