Since science has evolved into an authoritative source of information and technology is helping humankind discover the world’s potential. Traveling is not just a dominant origin of data to determine this planet, but it also is to know who we are. We need to move in the urge of finding truths about our curiosity over our ambition to learn more. Such activity requires proper planning, and today, we discuss what tools are there to use to make your travel worth a while. Why use a travel agent? Have you ever wondered why local travel agents are so helpful and sharp?. And what does a travel agent do?. They ease your life.

Today agents call themselves advisors or designers. And might they think some other abbreviations must be labeled under their belts. It is somewhat more adequate to call themselves the need of the day. Remember many types of us think, ” they know it all.” Perhaps some of the claim they are the best to know what to plan while they are traveling. I have seen a few einsteins in many of my travel encounters. Girls, in particular, have always calculated every minute of their journey.

But despite all that, we fail to compete with professionalism in the most significant industry of Traveling. We need travel agents to plan ethically for us, so we don’t get lost in preparing and focus our energies on exploring. And what is the popular term of the day ” leave it to the professionals.” From time savings to travel crises prevention, they get you deals which you could never possibly get on your own. Why use a travel agent? Have you ever wondered why local travel agents are so helpful and sharp?. And what does a travel agent do?. They ease your life.


A lot of us book flights from reputable and known websites, apps, or through our local travel agencies. In a bid to secure the best seat, best price for a specific flight or perhaps cheaper hotels and transfers. But sometimes it is hard for us to understand the complexity of the algorithms these giants have made for them to earn money — the thriving business of airlines to the deals with the agencies selling tickets to travelers. It is impeccable for a standard traveler to save money from a pre-planned trip. Why use a travel agent? Have you ever wondered why local travel agents are so helpful and sharp?. And what does a travel agent do?. They ease your life. But it is not always about saving money, and it is about enjoying the journey for its worth. Following are a few highlights :

1- No matter how good you are at research about cheaper flights and affordable hotels. Agents know better for you for which budget what hotels are suitable for you and why.

2- They help you even suggest places you must visit in a possible given time you have chosen for such a particular trip.

3- They can arrange tours, sightseeings and even get you some deals on tickets for the entertainment packages in the town.

4- Agents can take care if there are any mishaps on the way. A delayed flight, for example, a tour cancellation because of bad weather or even if a bus does not arrive for your local adventure. It is all taken care of if you trust your travel agent.

5- Managing mobility for you to enjoy more of your favorite monuments to visit while you are in a city. These people can get your life much easier by planning ahead your dreams saving time.

What does a travel agent do


1- The leading cause or reason to practice a travel agent for booking flights is the decrease in flight space by the airlines. It has appeared in significantly more full flights on the routes internationally.

2- The booking sites have become a little better at allowing seat options and at seating partners collectively. Now examine to book your family on a multi-flight trip, and you’ll understand what I imply. Travel agents can mangle their approach in all this and can get you more comfort on your way to a well awaited future trip.

3- Major online travel sites went too smart for their choices and benefits. To their own hypotheses about travel buying, they reveal us what they deem we want to understand. But not evermore what we actually require to escort. Even in this competition, the real agents still can work better than computers when it comes to planning a trip.

4- The inadequacy of commercial airlines from better booking sources— excludes what could well set out to be a distinct traveler’s perfect best itinerary.

5- The report of limitations and charges — many of which are not visible to the casual travel client

6- In giving more possibilities and conveniences, as online travel sites have genuinely made it more complicated to understand what they are marketing, not less so.

Subjectively, I’ve noticed that the plausibility of using a travel agent rises in direct relationship to the profusion of travel choices you can find on the Internet. So, in other words, we need them more than they need us. Time is money, and in this era, everyone needs to relax and enjoy a perfect holiday within his/her budget with all the delights and pleasure included. Instead of putting yourself in a position to decide on which place to go first. Or how to book a cheaper flight to another destination. It would be best if as we get them the task to organize and plan it for us. Why use a travel agent? Have you ever wondered why local travel agents are so helpful and sharp?. And what does a travel agent do?. They ease your life.

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There are a lot of places on this planet undiscovered yet and unfolded to us. There are millions of underwater species discovered so far, but there are billions more yet to be determined by mankind. People always as for the cheapest places to travel. In order to know the hidden wonders of the World, we must travel more. Think about traveling on a budget and planning a trip.

Us, we have developed ourselves over the flow of time have collected knowledge about things we never had before. Innovations and inventions have revolutionized the World. And all that we keep now is what we have discovered so far. Hence there is plenty more to know and to explore.

Why we travel?

Every person on earth is a traveler. Traveling is not explicitly associated with vacation or holidays. We rush every day to work, to find opportunities, and do so much more. Most people confuse it with their holidays or time off. Every place is unique in its beauty, culture, and algorithm. So everyone has their own story their own reason to travel.

But most of us travel to explore the World. Things we never knew before or see places we have never seen before. Some people are bound to move because of their work. Like for example, people from the aviation industry, i.e., pilots, airlines crew, etc. Some people travel for business regularly. Nevertheless, everyone on this planet travel for a reason, business, pleasure, recreation, or whatever. Going is fun, and everyone loves it. The cheapest places to travel or traveling on a budget is always our priority.

Budget travel / Cheapest places to travel

People always look for discounted flights, cheaper hotels, and most economical food when they want to travel. But folks honestly speaking, “ traveling is not cheap.” Not at all. You can save a few bucks by watching thousands of travel videos or reading different travel blogs to look for tips and tricks. Believe you me, if you wish to travel cheap try to chose local destinations in your surroundings. Otherwise, stop counting your money while you visit and just dive into the World of adventure and fun. The cheapest places to travel or traveling on a budget is a traveler’s main focus.

Presumably cheapest travel destinations.


Yup, you heard me right. Existing as the gateway of Europe and Asia, Turkey is a perfect travel destination. If you wish to discover ancient history with intriguing architecture and gorgeous beaches. Turkey is the place for you if you love delightful cold weather. Istanbul is living in beauty.

cappadocia, travel, travelling, vacation packages

It has the most magnificent mosques in the World and incredible museums. Because it is one of the most traveled destinations. It offers plenty of Airlines which operate through this route. And thus you can find plenty of options and discounts when you look for flights. Transportation system is so advanced and improved that makes your journey comfortable, and affordable. The cheapest places to travel or traveling on a budget is always a hot topic of discussion.

You can travel to several cities in Turkey on your own by bus or train or trams. And there are millions of things to do and numerous places to explore. Food is affordable, and most of all, shopping is easy and convenient.

Average expanse per day, including food and accommodation, is around 40 US dollars.

I do have some partner hotels and tour operators in this region if someone wishes to travel ask me for discounts.


Georgia is a beautiful country right in the middle of Turkey and Russia. Equipped with melodious mountain ranges to amazing cities. Georgia is a spectacular feel of eastern Europe with beautiful places to explore. 500 types of grapes are found in Georgia, and therefore, you have 500 varieties of wine or maybe more.

Cheapest places to travel | Traveling on a budget | Travel more

Georgia is one of the oldest wine manufacturers in this history of this region. If you are wine lover, Georgia is where you should travel to. Tbilisi city and Kazbegi are the most famous. If you want to visit Europe on a low budget book your flights now to Georgia. Hotels are cheaper here, and so the food. If you like to eat cheese too, you must visit this place. They produce hundreds of types of cheese. And that with Russian salad and a pint of “ chacha” would blow your mind.

The average expanse per day, including an affordable hotel, food, and local transportation is 35 US dollars per day. And most of all do not forget they serve Beer at Mcdonalds.

Like Turkey, I do have some fantastic friends in Georgia who are tour operators and hotel owners. Contact me if you are heading that way.


Surprised? Well hold your breath and listen intently. Pakistan is mini Switzerland and is famous for its mountain ranges and fantastic fairy meadows. I have written many articles recently about the depth of its eternal beauty. It is situated on one of the prettiest landscapes on earth. Most of all, Pakistan attracts tourist for Ecotourism. There are many undiscovered areas in Pakistan, which are the center of attraction for many tourists around the World.

Cheapest places to travel | Traveling on a budget | Travel more

The famed K2 is located in Pakistan, which is the second-highest peak in the World. Food is terrific in Pakistan and the most affordable from all. As compared with other famous travel destination, Pakistan has a lot to offer for tourism and plenty to share with the World and a lot more to explore. If you are into rafting, trekking or hiking, Pakistan is the destination for you.

Pakistan is country holding and preserving natural resources and ancient history in its depths. Ancient cities and beautiful mountainous areas with rich culture and traditions. Pakistan is a living paradise. People of Pakistan are friendly and the most welcoming.

The average cost per day here with affordable accommodation and tastiest food is around 30 US dollars per day.


Gorgeous beaches, amazing places, and beautiful people. Srilanka has a lot to offer for many tourists around the World. For instance, I have traveled 7 times to Srilanka on various occasions and stayed more than a month sometimes.


Negambo is a spectacular destination if you love beachside stay. If you look at these beaches, you won’t believe you are at the beach in Hawaii or Srilanka. People from Europe, Australia, and Newzealand travel a lot at this place. In summer you would have all the white people in the world who come here to get tanned. Dutch era villas at Galle are quite famous as well as Yala National Park has the most number of leopards in the World. The 4th-century temple of the Tooth at Nuwara Eliya contain British colonial buildings with Kandy houses.

Spicy food, tea gardens of Candy, and beautiful elephants increase the beauty of this place. Srilankans are one of the most alcohol consumers in the World. Approximately 90 % of the people are drunk. And even a fisherman has either an Australian or french girlfriend. Local transport is cheap. Food is affordable too, but local restaurants usually cook in coconut oil, which for many is not easy to eat for long. So chose your restaurant wisely. You will see 80 % of the girls have their hair so long that they touch the ground quickly. It is one of those places we look for as cheapest places to travel or traveling on a budget.

The average cost here per person with affordable hotel and food is around 30 US dollars per day.


Nepal is a beautiful country with a specialty of having the tallest mountain ranges and a lot of natural areas to discover. If you like paragliding, you can head towards Pokhra valley. Pashupatinath and Boudhanath temples are the most famous here. The stunning pottery square, the ancient city of Bhaktapur, is fascinating to visit. Nepal has plenty to offer including bars, pubs and even casinos.

Cheapest places to travel | Traveling on a budget | Travel more

The average cost per day is around 3o US dollars, including accommodation, food, and local transport.


Cambodia is a Southeast Asian country carrying scenery spreads low-lying plains. The Mekong Delta, mountains with Gulf of Thailand coastline are famous for their beauty. Phnom Penh is the capital and is home to the art deco Central Market. Royal Palace, and the National Museum’s historical and archaeological displays. In the country’s northwest are the ruins of Angkor Wat, an extensive stone temple complex established during the Khmer Empire. Koh Rong Samloem is a tropical island which boasts of pristine. The tropical jungle of Cardamom mountains is a must-watch.

Cheapest places to travel | Traveling on a budget | Travel more

You can explore Cambodia per day at the cost of 25 US dollars per day with affordable accommodation and local food.

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There are many but 10 reasons explained here to travel to Portugal. Portugal, the gorgeous pearl of Europe, is located mostly on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. It is the westernmost sovereign country of mainland Europe. Comprising bordered to the west and south by the Atlantic Ocean and to the north and east by Spain. Its region also covers the Atlantic archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira. Both autonomous areas with their own regional governments. Lisbon, Porto, Madeira & the Azores are the main attractions.

1- Lisbon – The romance to fall in love with

Lisbon | Europe Vacation

It is the spot on ‘everyone’s lips, and its gusty sea views, glossy tiled facades. Red roofs emphasize the gorgeous portrait. The food shocks, with a gravity far beyond the famous pastéis de Nata (custard tarts) that are so famous and cherished. Lisbon is a city of seduction and passion hidden in the conundrum of affection. It is decorated with narrow streets, long shadows, and lantern light. On cobbles, the radiance of sun dances over the domes. Dawn mops in on the Atlantic flurry, portraying the ‘city’s red rooftops pink. Nodding a limit to the ‘nights’ romance spread across the shadows of romance. You can squander yourself in Lisbon, fling prudence to the breeze. And simply fall in love with its eternal beauty.

2- The Weather of Portugal

Portugal has the most gorgeous weather in Europe. Landed on the western corner of Europe, Lisbon is the ‘continent’s most sunshiny capital city. Claiming an average of 2,799 hours of sunshine a year.

3- The beautiful city of Porto

  Portugal Lisbon

With its ancient spirit, new murmur, luxurious gold-laced churches. Molded-in two by the Douro river, downtown Porto has a hushed elegance. While the seaside suburbs have observed something of a resurrection in recent times. Keeping the most delightful collection of bars, restaurants, and cafes. Which offer a genuine collop of local life. Its ancient core was announced a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. The western part of its urban area stretches to the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. Its foundation dates back to many centuries. When it was a vanguard of the Roman Empire.

4- The wine

Lisbon | Europe Vacation | Porto wine

Portugal’s national drink (port or Porto) is universal across the country. Any bar and restaurant deserving its salt will offer the wine. It is a Portuguese fortified wine produced with concentrated grape distillations completely in the Douro Valley in the northern provinces of Portugal. It is typically a sweet, red wine, frequently served as a dessert wine. Though it also comes in dry, semi-dry, and white varieties.

5-The impeccable beaches

Impeccable beaches

Portugal’s lovely coastline, stable weather. And elegant seaside resources present it as one of Europe’s most desirable destinations for a beach break. Portugal is one of Europe’s best surfing destinations with a wave for every skill. Best of all, they are comparatively uncrowded.

6-The Vasco da Gama Bridge

The Vasco da Gama Bridge

It is the largest bridge in Europe following the Crimean Bridge. To summarize with a total length of 12.3 kilometers (7.6 mi). In addition to it includes 0.8 kilometers (0.50 mi) for the main deck and 11.5 kilometers (7.1 mi) in viaducts. To begin with, it was built to lighten the congestion on Lisbon’s 25 de Abril Bridge. And to reduce the necessity for traffic. Between the country’s northern and southern regions to reach through the capital city.

7-The most affordable destination

Tours to Portugal diminish the surprise. Above all even it practices the euro, but the country prevails one of the most affordable destinations on the Continent. Allowing visitors the culture of Western Europe for Eastern European prices. Annual Holiday Money Report, the Post Office reported Portugal the second most suitable value destination for a European getaway.

8- Madeira Island

Madeira Island

Madeira is one of the two independent regions of Portugal (along with the Azores). Madeira is an archipelago located in the North Atlantic Ocean, southwest of Portugal. Here it draws a more sophisticated clientele. The island’s exciting scenery and biological wonders are gorgeously attractive. Excellent food and wine, plus the amazingly beautiful landscapes. It is one of the reasons one must travel to Portugal.

9- The Azores- A charming reason to travel to Portugal

 The Azores

Floating in the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 850 miles from mainland Portugal. The Azores possess the most eye-catching landscapes. In additions to it is one of the two independent regions of Portugal (along with Madeira). It is an archipelago containing nine volcanic islands in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Its prime industries are agriculture, dairy farming, livestock, fishing. And tourism, which is becoming a significant service activity in the region. Besides, the government of the Azores employs a large percentage of the population. Therefore directly or indirectly in the service and tertiary sectors. The central city is Ponta Delgada.

10- The nightlife

Lisbon | Europe Vacation | Night life

From the streets of Lisbon and Porto to the seaside resorts. Portugal’s love for a night on the tiles is no mystery. Hence less grasped in general. However, is the country’s growing affection for Afro-house. Beyond which is introduced from Africa like it’s going out of fashion. To summarise the genre has seen the resourceful ground in Lisbon’s exciting clubbing display. Thus it’s poised to expand across the country. It is one of the greatest reasons one must travel to Portugal

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As everyone knows, Baku is one of the magnificent cities of Azerbaijan. The charisma of beautiful cities is always overwhelming. And the curiosity to know about the place too is still fascinating. Most popular travel destinations are always filled with beauty and rich in culture and heritage. Baku is indeed a pretty form of nature spread across the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains. It is one of the magnificent cities of Azerbaijan. Where is what time is in Baku? most people ask or inquire about Baku weather, time and attractions.

People are always curious about why I am not presenting destinations like other bloggers/vloggers? The reason is one must define the actual beauty and importance of the place rather than showing off him/herself. I believe information is more critical than self-advertisement.

Baku, Azerbaijan –Situated on a great location

Azerbaijan is located on one of the most adoring landscapes on earth. Azerbaijan is a country of eastern Transcaucasia. Holding an area that fringes the southern sides of the Caucasus Mountains. It is surrounded on the north by Russia, moving the east by the Caspian Sea. Toward the south by Iran, at the west by Armenia, and toward the northwest by Georgia. The exclave of Naxçıvan (Nakhichevan) is situated southwest of Azerbaijan fitting. Bordered by Armenia, Iran, and Turkey. In enhancement to its various and frequently gorgeous region. Azerbaijan extends a combination of traditions and modern development. The people of its secluded areas clutch many notable folk traditions. It is one of the magnificent cities of Azerbaijan. Where is what time is in Baku? most people ask or inquire about Baku weather, time and attractions.

What you can explore the first day you land in Baku

After you land in the city let us see what we can cover in a day.
1-As I travel to other cities in the World as well, the first thing you do when you arrive is to reach your hotel.

2-The next thing is to find a nearby supermarket to buy some essentials. The reason is you cannot just have food right away after you land, you need water, chocolates, snacks, yogurt, milk, and local fruits to battle with Jetlag.
3- The next thing you do is to find a sim card. One of the most essential things to have is the damn internet. You cannot stay behind Social media and most of all the information you can find over the web.

Baku Funicular

Alright, the first place to be after all the tasks mentioned above to head towards Baku Funicular. It connects a square on Neftchilar Avenue and Martyrs’ Lane. It is the first and remains the only funicular system in the country. The length of the railway track is 455 meters (1,493 ft), and it consists of a single-track. It is one of the magnificent cities of Azerbaijan. Where is what time is in Baku? most people ask or inquire about Baku weather, time and attractions.

Highland Park Baku

Highland Park is famously known as “Viewing Square.” Earlier in the Soviet era, it was revived as “Sergei Kirov park.” It is one of the most popular places in Baku. Best knows as to have a walk, rest, and to enjoy the sea view. You can take comfort by breathing fresh air, observing the city. Drinking tea in the Highland Park Café while listening to the classical lounge music. It’s the best place to relax, and it is located right in the heart of Baku.

The Stunning Flame towers

The Flame Towers consist of three buildings: South, East, and West. Flame Towers is a multi-use complex being revealed in Azerbaijan’s capital city Baku. When finished in 2012, the complex will be one of the tallest skyscrapers in the country. at nearly 200m.

Fountain Square

It is a public square in downtown Baku. The square was earlier called Parapet and is often referenced to by the same name now. The name of the fountains square originates from the appearance of dozens of fountains. Throughout the square first constructed during the Soviet rule of Azerbaijan.

The little Venice

Located nearby the Caspian seashore you will feel as in Venice. By visiting ‘Small Town of Venice.’ The restaurants located in the ‘islands’ offer several meals of different cuisine. Including Azerbaijanian tasty dishes. It will be interesting firstly to observe around in gondola. Later to have a great lunch or dinner in the ‘islands.’ Currently, Mini Venice has various islands that are divided into primary water channels. Beautiful gorgeous bridges connect these islands. You can hire a 4 seater Gondola for a ride around these islands
. It is one of the magnificent cities of Azerbaijan. Where is what time is in Baku? most people ask or inquire about Baku weather, time and attractions.

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The Top 5 Handy Travel Hacks are derived from the latest travel terms and phenomenons. We follow guidelines and always look for handy travel hacks to have a better journey. The travel Hacks are derived from the latest traveling hacks terms and phenomenons. International travel hacks follow the tips accordingly.

1- Keep Digital copies of your travel documents

Your passport, ticket, insurance, and all other related documents must have digital copies saved somewhere in case of any mishap. The best way is to scan or take screenshots and email them to you. This way, even if you lose your phone, you can still have access to your email and find those at any point you want. The travel Hacks are derived from the latest traveling hacks terms and phenomenons. International travel hacks follow the tips accordingly.

2- Go “private browsing” before booking a flight online
/ one of top 5 travel hacks

Most travel apps or official websites of airlines use cookies for their websites. This way, they track your data and know what trip you have searched for and when. So multiple searches can alert them as what flight you are eager to buy, so they increase prices accordingly. So switch your phone to ” private browsing” before booking any flight online.

3- You don’t have to look for screens for when your flight timings/boarding

Technology has answered many questions and has eased down our lives in many ways. Imagine you have to go run at every airport you travel to look for a screen to check when and on which gate, your flight’s boarding is going to start. Just download Flightboard app on your phone and start traveling like a VIP from now on.

4- Use offline google maps

No matter how much research you have done or how many vlogs you have just watched before you are flying to a city. Always remember that all the information that you feed in your brain only helps when you actually do it on your own on the go. You do not always have access to a wifi connection or cannot afford to buy a sim card in every city you are going to. So the best way to explore is to download offline google maps, update them and use them while you are going.

5- Keep an empty water bottle with you at all times

No liquids are allowed on almost all airports in the world. The best way to save time and money is to keep an empty water bottle with you. This way, when you have walked past security checks, you can refill your water at any airport or inside a plane. You don’t have to pay for water any more while traveling. The travel Hacks are derived from the latest traveling hacks terms and phenomenons. International travel hacks follow the tips accordingly.

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Pakistan Tourism

“Pakistan Tourism , Pakistan Travel , Wikitravel Pakistan” are the main subjects of discussion today. PTDC is doing a great job for Pakistan Tourism.Tourism is undoubtedly the fast-growing industry in the World. Moreover, tourism in Pakistan is improving and developing day by day. Pakistan’s undiscovered areas are contemplating tourists to search and explore. The melodies of the World’s most stunning landscapes are diligent, making unique harmony and heartwarming themes.

Pakistan’s land is not lesser than any exceptional and charming destination on this planet. Ecotourism in Pakistan is the subject notably in the discussion. So the future of tourism in Pakistan seems colorful and profound than ever. Pakistan tourism, Pakistan travel, Wikitravel Pakistan are the main subjects of discussion today. PTDC is doing a great job for Pakistan Tourism.Everyone is reflecting all sectors of growth in the tourism industry. People of Pakistan are so thrilled to see the development of Pakistan tourism Industry emerging in style. Pakistan tourism summit 2019 was a splendid exercise to encourage tourism. Also, it was a way to embrace the whole World to observe the everlasting beauty of Pakistan. It has unlocked doors for writers, bloggers, vloggers, Youtubers, and tourists.

Pakistan Tourism | Pakistan travel | Wikitravel Pakistan | PTDCThere have been significant developments in the tourism industry in Pakistan. To revive and promote tourism, and the efforts must be appreciated and acclaimed.

7 Steps to enhance Pakistan Tourism

Although with significant changes and efforts the Government has made so far. There are many things to be addressed for which a few areas of focus are explained below :

1- A proper marketing plan, including video marketing

The areas to focus on this are factors and segments of marketing concerned to certain areas of interests with specific goals. In this regard definition to the regions and their specialty to explain to the tourists. The target audience must know the potential of that particular place for tourism with all the details, including maps, transport details, and weather. These videos can be used for local and international advertisements. Also can be shared regularly on the official website of PTDC and social media channels.

Why emphasize more on video marketing?

Since the evolution in technology, the whole concept of branding and marketing has been revolutionized. Video marketing is a much more productive and faster way to get your brand recognition in no time than traditional SEO. An engaging video can attract tourists more accessible, and can convincingly grow chances to attract more visitors.

According to Cisco, in the year 2020, 82% of the web traffic will come through videos. Placing a video on your blog post, website, profile, and other platforms would help you build a better brand and would sail your business goals to new heights. The following link explains more on this topic

2- Promotional materials, use of local and International media.

Promotional items with official Pakistani flag with traditional details should be available in the local souvenir shops around every place of interest.

A fabulous way to show the World about the beauty of Pakistan is to say to them by media. A regular campaign with blogs, vlogs, books, news, and advertisements in the local and international press will prevail an awareness to attract tourists.

Touristic Maps & Pamphlets- Tourism in Pakistan

Touristic maps and pamphlets, explaining a brief history of the place, attractions, areas of focus, remarkable things about that place as well as weather details — approximate time to reach from certain airports to that place and which transport is convenient to reach. It is one of the fundamental 7 steps to enhance tourism in Pakistan.Pakistan tourism, Pakistan travel, Wikitravel Pakistan are the main subjects of discussion today. PTDC is doing a great job for Pakistan Tourism.

Hotels / Places to Stay

I suggest here to make an app for both android and apple store to give a complete detail of places to stay around major touristic spots: hotels, rest houses as well as restaurants. If you develop an app and anyone books through this, Pakistan would have a chance to market the hotels available for tourists correctly. It is an excellent source for making revenue too. Tourists can book hotels online without any hassle, and by official channels, they would feel more secure, convenient, and reasonable. It one of the important 7 steps to enhance tourism in Pakistan.

3- Touristic Information Centers

Every country in the World famous for its tourism has large numbers of touristic information centers spread across cities as well as on the touristic destinations. It helps tourists to understand how to mobilize and visit places they like. On these centers, they can find city maps, pamphlets, restaurant details, and other related information. Dedicated customer services staff can be an excellent help for International tourists, especially to get any details they want to know right on the spot.

4- An International hotline for tourists

When a tourist wants to visit a place, there are a few ways he/she would like to get information. The first thing is to search it through the web, that includes YouTube, articles, blogs, and other sources. The reason why Pakistan would like to launch a special hotline for International tourists is that they would feel secure in knowing and getting details. More quickly through official channels rather than to look in forums and chat rooms. Where people have different opinions. Like for example, Tripadvisor people look through such apps and forums to find people who have visited a place already. However, when they can talk directly through official channels by a dedicated helpline launched it would help immensely to promote tourism industry in Pakistan.

5- Exhibiting at International Conferences &  trade shows

There are numerous exhibitions around the World for the Tourism Industry. It is a great way to promote Pakistan’s beautiful picture to the World and invite tourists to visit Pakistan. At such places, tourists can interact with to know more — these various shows, associations, and government organizations can assist Pakistan tourism in the international arena.Pakistan tourism, Pakistan travel, Wikitravel Pakistan are the main subjects of discussion today. PTDC is doing a great job for Pakistan Tourism.

6- Monitoring and replying to online reviews & surveys

International travelers intend to source information through the web before they plan any trip. Mostly they go through ratings on sites like Tripadvisor, Yelp or Google. Based on these sources, most of the tourists make their decisions. And this includes booking of flights to even transportation to the final destination of where they are traveling.

Monitoring, reviewing, and answering to traveler’s queries on such forums helps a lot. Registering on these sites with detailed pictures and information help tourists a glance before they plan their trip.Pakistan tourism, Pakistan travel, Wikitravel Pakistan are the main subjects of discussion today. PTDC is doing a great job for Pakistan Tourism.

7- Promoting Ecotourism and adventure travel

Pakistan has already taken steps to enhance Ecotourism in Pakistan. In my earlier posts ” Future of tourism in Pakistan” and “Ecotourism and Pakistan” as well as ” Tourism in Pakistan Evolution in Style.” I have thoroughly explained the ultimate potential Pakistan carries for Ecotourism.

Pakistan is an emerging global destination for ecotourism as well as adventure travel. The country is already hosting international visitors seeking authentic opportunities, adventure, and cultural experiences.

Pakistan tourism, Pakistan travel, Wikitravel Pakistan are the main subjects of discussion today. PTDC is doing a great job for Pakistan Tourism.

Pakistan carries a reputation as an uncrowded and wholesome holiday destination with a broad diversity of ecotourism. Its natural habitat also attracts tourists seeking a unique experience with such activities as trekking, rafting, skiing, and rock climbing.

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Pakistan Landmarks | Pakistan People | Places to see in Pakistan

Tourism is the fast-growing industry in the World. And tourism in Pakistan is an evolution in style, improving and advancing day by day. The gold and gems of Pakistan’s undiscovered areas are anticipating to be explored. Pakistan landmarks, places to see in Pakistan and most of all Pakistan people are the main reason for tourism to grow. The melodies of the World’s most beautiful landscapes are busy making unique music and heartwarming tunes. Pakistan’s land is not lesser than any outstanding and fascinating destination on this planet.

Pakistan landmarks | Places to see in Pakistan | Pakistan people

Ecotourism in Pakistan is the subject remarkably in the discussion. So the future of tourism in Pakistan looks brighter and brilliant than ever. Everyone is considering all sectors of growth in the tourism industry. People of Pakistan are so thrilled to see the evolution of Pakistan tourism Industry evolving in style. Pakistan tourism summit 2019 was a brilliant effort to encourage. And welcome the whole World to witness the inexplicable beauty of Pakistan. It has opened doors for writers, bloggers, vloggers, Youtubers and tourists.

There have been significant developments in the tourism industry in Pakistan. To revive and promote tourism, and the efforts must be appreciated and acclaimed.

Appointment of “Chairman of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation”

In the current turn of events, this is one of the excellent news that Prime Minister, Mr. Imran Khan has appointed Mr. Zulfi Bukhari, the chairman of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation. The role not only significantly describes the gravity of the matter. That tourism in Pakistan is a necessity of the future goals of Pakistan. Therefore a lot is being presumed in the next few months from Mr. Zulfi Bukhari. As the chairman of Pakistan, Tourism Development Corporation to take bold steps to enhance the potential of Pakistan tourism industry. To kick start the tourism perspective, a lot more has to be arranged. And the initiatives of tourism growth must increase immensely soon. As in a way it would help Pakistan in high numbers to encourage its economy.

Pakistan post opens 40 rest houses for tourist across the country.

We must not forget Pakistan people in high numbers visit northern areas every year. People from all ages and backgrounds explore the beautiful landscapes of Pakistan. And describe it in their stories in their own words. It is a piece of fantastic news for domestic tourists specifically to receive this gift from Pakistan post to open its guest houses for tourist across the country. Pakistan landmarks places to see in Pakistan and most of all Pakistan people are the main reason for tourism to grow

Govt. working on to develop the Buddhist trail to promote religious tourism

Mr. Zulfi Bukhari the newly appointed chairman of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation. And first aid to the Prime minister has announced recently that Govt is developing Buddhist trail to explore various religious sites of Buddhism in Khyber Pakhtun khuwah and other areas of Pakistan to attract Buddhist people across the globe to visit Pakistan.

And furthermore, divine places of other religions, including Sikhism and Hinduism were also dispersed all over Pakistan. So the PTDC was planning to provide amenities there to invite their followers not only from across the country but also from abroad, he appended.

Such leads, he declared, would help interpret the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding religious tourism into a fact by showcasing non-Islamic heritage to the World. Because they would also project a soft pluralistic image of Pakistan internationally, he added.

The PTDC chairman stated despite lousy weather; he had arrived there to confer the Government’s sobriety concerning the welfare of minorities. In addition, it also displayed the Government’s engagement towards tourism promotion.

Future strategy to promote tourism in Pakistan

Pakistan has enormous resources and tremendous potential to host tourism. Ecotourism is one of the prominent scopes Pakistan has. Not only that Pakistan preserves ancient history and old cities with untold tales to tell the World its beauty. Future approach for boosting tourism in Pakistan is the central focus today. Therefore there are so many things undergoing to work on this procedure. A lot more on the dialogue table and much more to arrange in the future. In other words, it is a continuous process.
Similarly, hold and sustain the current projects. Moreover, innovate and design new prospects to help thrive in tourism in Pakistan. In conclusion, a robust strategy to address all the needs and ongoing issues with proper planning to host tourism in the future is the need of the day.

Spread the word, Pakistan is gorgeous.

With all the treasures and natural resources, natural beauty, and breathtaking views, Pakistan qualifies for the most magnificent place in the World. We must tell the World how pretty and awesome it is and invite the whole World to come and witness its eternal beauty. Enriched with glowing seasons and holding the most precious vital location, Pakistan is enormously beautiful. The World must acknowledge that the actual reality of Pakistan is mesmerizing and utterly attractive. The harmony of its unique beauty empowers its high potential for the growth of tourism. Pakistan landmarks places to see in Pakistan and most of all Pakistan people are the main reason for tourism to grow.

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Sustainable Tourism

” Ecotourism or sustainable tourism ” in Pakistan is the most highlighted topic today. From Lahore, Islamabad to Punjab Pakistan, it is gorgeous. And we are discussing “Ecotourism and Pakistan” to understand the potential of eco-friendly tourism in Pakistan. A reasonably rich country for having good potential for tourism is awaiting tourists from around the world to cherish its beauty and explore its inexplicable treasures. It vastly invites travelers to look upon the higher perspective of Sustainable tourism. Pakistan inevitably draws warm hospitality, spectacular mountains, fairy meadows, and ancient civilizations.

Sustainable Tourism | Punjab Pakistan | Pakistan | Islamabad | LahorePakistan’s potential for growth in tourism is undoubtedly limitless. It proved so by attracting approximately 1.7 million tourists visiting Pakistan by the year 2017. Moreover, relatively with increasing it by the year 2018 with approximately 1.9 million tourists visited Pakistan. 

What is Ecotourism

As part of the shift to preserve natural resources as much as possible. It is mainly the environmental impact of tourism over destinations and tourists, who are becoming acclimatized by it. Ecotourism is a form of tourism involving visiting fragile, pristine, and relatively undisturbed natural areas, intended as a low-impact and often small scale alternative to standard commercial mass tourism. The term is most popular among tourists who want to explore natural beauty on earth. It is one of the reasons why ecotourism is far becoming a big debate in the tourism industry.

Scope of Ecotourism in general

Tourism is undoubtedly a dependable source of growth. As the technology advances and so the tourists it has thus improved much further than expected. Therefore tourism contributes around 10 percent of the world economy, according to World travel and tourism council. As ecotourism has become vital in tourism growth, more destinations are more eco-friendly these days.

Hence the tourists are adapting to it eventually. It has evolved into a concept of promoting culture over mass tourism. In this regard Global sustainable tourism (GSTC) outlines set criteria for destinations to host ecotourism. It ranges from supporting local business such as hotels to conserving natural resources. Ecotourism also encourages tourists in engaging to participate in the community. Ecotourism or sustainable tourism in Pakistan is the most highlighted topic today. From Lahore, Islamabad to Punjab Pakistan, it is gorgeous.

Ecotourism is something that leads to and promotes sustainable tourism Two sets of GSTC Criteria:

1. GSTC Industry Criteria (for hotels and tour operators)
This set of criteria relates to the sustainable management of private-sector travel industry, focusing currently on Hotels and Tour Operators.

2. GSTC Destination Criteria
This set of criteria relates to the sustainable management of tourism destinations.

Imran Khan to promote Ecotourism in Pakistan

The prime minister of Pakistan vows to promote Ecotourism in Pakistan. For many tourism is a way of life and thus has a far descriptive motto in general. Tourism is a savior to many. So the more someone promotes tourism for the well-deserved destinations. The more we encourage the tourism industry which in a way will help us boost our economy. Imran Khan, Pakistan’s prime minister, is committed to kickstarting tourism in Pakistan. The aim is to help raise money for a welfare state.

Imran Khan’s policy has so far extended to tweeting pictures of the country’s beaches and snow-capped mountains. The Prime minister has recently hosted a two-day tourism summit in a bid to his vision to promote tourism in Pakistan. Due to this Pakistan has eased down its visa policy to attract more tourists to Pakistan.

According to newspapers, Pakistan has launched online visa facility for 175 nations to boost tourism. It is pretty exciting to know that relatively positive steps are being taken to expand and promote tourism in Pakistan. It will help Pakistan in many ways especially portraying the real beautiful picture of Pakistan to the world. Ecotourism or sustainable tourism in Pakistan is the most highlighted topic today. From Lahore, Islamabad to Punjab Pakistan, it is gorgeous.

Pakistan is a beautiful country and one of the most welcoming. Pakistan has stretched in staggering mountain scenery to the fascinating cities. Do not forget leafy green Islamabad with wide boulevards. Moreover, the old city of Lahore with its gardens, museums, and forts. Furthermore Kalash valleys with traditional lifestyles, dresses, and festivals. It has every aspect that carries the potential for ecotourism. Pakistan has equipped with natural beauty and hosts beautiful unexplored destinations. With a hope of Pakistan making its place in the top ten tourists destinations in the world, let us applaud the efforts so far. Let us hope for a better Pakistan, a more sustainable and the more attractive Pakistan.

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Future of tourism in Pakistan is vibrant. Pakistan is undoubtedly a beautiful country to travel to. Because It is situated on one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. Pakistan mountains, Pakistan cities, Pakistan people are the reasons why the future of tourism in Pakistan is a reality. And tourism in Pakistan is a viable fact. Pakistan is far prettier than people think of. The features of its eternal beauty are gorgeously attractive. Every corner of Pakistan is carrying treasures ready to be unfolded and explored.

Pakistan inevitably moves natural beauty with deep roots in history. Equipped with melodious mountain ranges from the north to the beautiful rural areas in the east. Pakistan is a living paradise. So those who wish to explore delicate nature at large. Pakistan is the place they will be looking for. And it is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world.

Pakistan has always attracted tourist at huge numbers since its existence. And there are many reasons for its hosting tourism. People from all over the world have praised and approved it as heaven on earth. Now there are a few reasons I am going to emphasize. It is for people to understand why Pakistan is one of the most esthetical countries in the world. I have written about many countries. And this is my first time to write about Pakistan. You can read my travel blogs in this scenario or can read my book ” In love with Japan”. 

1.7 Million tourists visited Pakistan in 2017

Amazing isn’t it?. Since the security situation has improved rapidly in Pakistan ( Thanks to Pakistan Armed forces). There has been considerable growth in the tourism industry. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), last year. Revenue from tourism contributed around $19.4 billion to Pakistan’s economy and made up 6.9pc of gross domestic product. The WTTC expects that amount to rise to $36.1 billion within a decade.

As Pakistan is a land of fairy meadows. Because of five of the world’s fourteen highest peaks. Including the famed and deadly K2, are found in Pakistan. If you are into your climbing, rafting or trekking. Pakistan is the country for you. Fairy Meadows is one of the most popular and beautiful places to hike in Pakistan. The future of tourism in Pakistan is bright. Pakistan is a travel and tourism-friendly country inviting tourists from around the world. 

With the view of the 8,125 m high beast that is Nanga Parbat. One of the highest mountains in Pakistan, only second to K2. It is considered to be one of the most accessible hikes. That will allow you to witness an 8,000 m high mountain without doing a multi-day trek. If you are traveling in Pakistan, a visit to Fairy Meadows is a must. Pakistan mountains, Pakistan cities, Pakistan people are the reasons why the future of tourism in Pakistan is a reality.

15 Amazing Facts about Pakistan

In order to explain the Future of Tourism in Pakitan. And for those who do not know Pakistan in reality here is a few eye-openers.

1- Pakistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is the 6th most populous country in the world.

2- Sialkot, located in Pakistan, is the world’s largest producer of handsewn footballs.

3- Pakistan is the world’s first Islamic country to attain nuclear power.

4- Pakistan has the highest paved international road – The Karakoram Highway (KKH).

5- Pakistan has the largest canal-based irrigation system in the world.

6- Pakistan has the world’s largest ambulance network

7- K-2 (Chagori) is the highest mountain peak in Pakistan and the second highest in the world.

8- Moreover, Pakistan also has one of the oldest civilizations in history. Mehrgarh, dating back to 6000 B.C.

9- Pakistan has a rare species of ‘Blind Dolphin’ found in the water of Indus River. It is the second most endangered freshwater dolphin species in the world

10- The ‘Khewra Salt Mine’ in Pakistan is the second-largest and oldest salt mine in the world.

11- Pakistan has the only fertile desert in the world. The Tharparkar desert – located in Sindh province.

12- The world’s most extensive glacial system outside the polar regions. The Biafo Glacier – is in Pakistan.

13- Pakistan is the only Muslim country after Turkey to open Combat Jobs for women.

14- Gwadar port is the largest deep seaport in the world

15- Located at the northern end of the Kaghan Valley. Lake Saiful Muluk is one of the highest lakes in Pakistan. At an elevation of 3,224 m (10,578 feet) above sea level. Because Pakistan mountains, Pakistan cities, Pakistan people are the reasons why the future of tourism in Pakistan is a reality. The future of tourism in Pakistan is bright. Pakistan is a travel and tourism-friendly country inviting tourists from around the world. 

It is entirely impossible to describe Pakistan’s ravishing esthetic in just one article. But people must know how beautiful real Pakistan is. Therefore, I will be writing further in this scenario. To help people understand what treasures Pakistan carries. The viable future of the tourism industry in Pakistan is feasible and inevitable fact. Pakistan has amazingly fantastic places in all its provinces and states. And Places that many tourists would love to see and explore. Pakistan mountains, Pakistan cities, Pakistan people are the reasons why the future of tourism in Pakistan is a reality. The future of tourism in Pakistan is bright. Pakistan is a travel and tourism-friendly country inviting tourists from around the world. 

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Cappadocia the name, traditionally used in Christian sources throughout history, continues in use as an international tourism concept to define a region of exceptional natural wonders, in particular, characterized by fairy chimneys and a unique historical and cultural heritage. Moreover for me to write this, in particular, is for my passion. Which is for traveling, travel and explore the world. My homage to travel depicts my efforts to motivate people for traveling. My book In love with Japan is the example of my gratitude for traveling. 

History of Turkish Cappadocia

By the end of the early 12th century, Anatolian Seljuks had established their sole dominance over the region. With the decline and the fall of the Konya-based Seljuks in the second half of the 13th century, they were gradually replaced by the Karaman-based Beylik of Karaman, who themselves were gradually succeeded by the Ottoman Empire over the course of the 15th century. Cappadocia remained part of the Ottoman Empire for the centuries to come and remains now part of the modern state of Turkey.


A fundamental change occurred in between when a new urban center. Nevşehir was founded in the early 18th century by a grand vizier who was a native of the locality (Nevşehirli Damat İbrahim Pasha). To serve as a regional capital, a role the city continues to assume to this day. In the meantime, many former Cappadocians had shifted to a Turkish dialect (written in the Greek alphabetKaramanlıca). And where the Greek language was maintained (Sille, villages near Kayseri, Pharasa town and other nearby villages). It became heavily influenced by the surrounding Turkish. This dialect of Greek is known as Cappadocian Greek. Following the 1923 population exchange between Greece and Turkey, the language is now only spoken by a handful of the former population’s descendants in modern Greece.

Tourism in Modern Cappadocia

The area is a popular tourist destination, as it has many areas with unique geological, historic, and cultural features. Touristic Cappadocia includes 4 cities:

  Nevsehir, Kayseri, Aksaray, and Nigde

Among the most visited underground cities are DerinkuyuKaymakli, Gaziemir, and Ozkonak. The best historic mansions and cave houses for tourist stays are in Ürgüp, Göreme, Guzelyurt, and Uçhisar.

The Great Göreme

I lived mostly in Göreme and witnessed its inexplicable beauty. To travel, explore and to learn. A small town surrounded by mountains said to be made by volcanic ash. Amazing views from one corner to the other. I had witnessed surprising swing of change in weather over the period of five days where I was able to witness sunny days, rain and indeed the sweet snow.

Getting Around

Once you have landed in the town of Göreme it would be more fun if you like to explore it yourself as I did. There is plenty of information a lot of people around to sell you their services it is pretty easy but I decided to explore it myself. There is a local bus stop right in the middle of the town surrounded by various shops for souvenirs. You can find items like clothes to artificial jewelry and from restaurants to small grocery stores. The local minibus goes to Nevsehir crossing Uçhisar.

The local bus is somewhat helpful if you have decided to roam around on your own. It will only take 3 Turkish Lira to drop you to Nevsehir. And as Uchisar is on the way you can drop by for many attractions on the way. Including pigeon valley and Uchisar Castle. It is that easy. For Urgup though there is another bus that goes and that leaves the Open air museum on its way. So you can explore much more on your own rather than paying for taxis and stuff.

The Fabulous Encounters

I met a few fabulous personalities in the town of Goreme and Nevsehir. Among those to mention is a beautiful girl (I cannot mention the name. Because she is afraid of her boyfriend might get upset if her name or picture is mentioned in a travel blog). She has a nice soul and a charming personality that you’d fall in love in the first fifteen seconds. If you happen to have a chance of meeting her in person. Her humble generosity attracts your heart towards her. But an ultimate denial blocks your path as soon as you try to communicate. Even with these barriers, she is amazingly wonderful.

Fatih Muhammad

This is one of the most exciting and the most memorable encounter in the history of my traveling life. Because I was trying to exchange money which was a currency other than Euros and US Dollars. Hereafter, In Goreme, I didn’t find any luck to exchange that money so I had to board a minibus to Nevsehir in an effort to exchange that money from a bank.

Unluckily people barely understand or speak English in these towns. I entered a bank while trying to ask the teller about exchanging money out of my curiosity. I was referred to him as he was the only person who could speak English.


And the next thing was amazing. He not only helped me in the process of knowing. Why such particular currencies were not being exchanged in those small towns. But also escorted me to the nearest bus station. Yes, folks, you heard me right, he gave me a ride in his car and dropped me to a nearby bus station for my convenience and not only that he stayed there until the bus arrived. More to the greatest generosity and hospitality he offered me dinner and also offered me any help whatsoever I could please to request and he was right there to help. Just one brother to another we mixed up in a chit chat and it was like we knew each other since ages. He told me he also can find me vacation packages. 

Cappadocia is an ancient city, and as soon as you reach this magical place. You would feel the generosity of nature with a unique and completely different style of landscape.

I believe the movie Alladin must have been filmed in Cappadocia. The rich culture endured in ancient civilizations can be seen immensely in this place. I love rain, and I love snowfall. You will get both over here. Cold weather with a view designed only for those who are unique themselves. Cappadocia has a lot of valleys from which. I love the most are pigeon valley, rose valley, and love valley.

Uchishehr castle has a mesmerizing view from the top and is best for hiking. A large picture of the countryside with colorful balloons hanging in the clouds. It is one of the most attracting and eye-catching destinations. The more you explore, the more you will love it and get inspired by its unique beauty.

The underground cities, on the other hand, are the site maps of an ancient civilization. And history preserved by the historians still to this day for people. To know the ways of life and old traditions.

There are so many attractions. Things to do, things to explore, and a lot more things to have fun. Local tours engage you in towards a beautiful nightlife where you can amuse yourself with traditional Sufi music as well as the famous Turkish nights to witness traditional belly dance.

The food is fantastic in Cappadocia. Just like all the other cities of the Amazing turkey, you can see numerous restaurants. With exquisite cuisines to give you the taste you desire. You can get any food that you like, the variety of food here will blow your mind. And always remember when you travel the taste of food. When cooked local with ingredients acquired from local sources. It is more delicious and something delicious to explore.

The souvenir shops, on the other hand, deserve their space into the fantastic sketch of this beautiful city. Hand made crafts from local people are just out of this world. And you have a massive variety to chose from. Moreover, you can get almost anything you could have dreamed of shopping from such a store.

There is plenty more discuss Cappadocia. Thus, one video or one article is not enough to capture its mesmerism. The beauty if Cappadocia is unique and designed for those who are unique too. Away from city lights, there is world living in ultimate peace in a beautiful way possible. A real ottoman style. Cave houses a unique and delicate form of seeing life from a different perspective. To feel the luxury of travel having the aroma of attractive scenery and a subtle lifestyle.

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