The dancing daisies could be more vigorous today as much as the trees in the garden. She was singing slow while lecturing to her plants in the garden. The shiny rays of the sun were striking her forehead covered in sweat. Flowers at the corners were unsure if she would reach them today. It was her habit of spending as much bit on each plant to spread equal span to all of them. They were all essential to her, and she oversaw for them equally.  Beauty and beyond is a sumptuous article written about the woman in the garden who didn’t believe in love. Just like other women on earth.

The breakfast in the morning consisted of a few eggs, oat cereal, and then some coffee. Pretty usual, as her anger and temperament towards things she didn’t like. I called her a day earlier, and she made it abundantly clear that she wouldn’t be easily free to talk as she would be busy with her garden. I never met anyone with such enthusiasm towards life and the perception of feelings and emotions in general. As I truly believe a woman is the most powerful thing on earth, I can easily identify she is of the most prominent women on the planet. 

Having extraordinary abilities is infrequent in human beings, and those who keep such powers are exceptional in many ways. So the woman in the garden was more than a dream in an emotion, more fragrant than a rose petal and more delicate than silk. Yet adorned with all those qualities, she was also more robust than metal and at times more fierce than a tornado. But, being so elusive at times, she was pretty challenging to judge or try out as a straightforward person. 

Little did she know about my feelings and emotions, as our conversations were always more about the intellectual stuff or understanding different mythologies. But there was this one day I apprised her that, presume I am one of those flowers you treasure so much in your garden and observe you all day every day, cruising around in the grassland. I do bear a grudge, though, disbursing too much time with other flowers and predominantly having brief conversations with the lilies by the pool.

Months of emails and phone calls, she had no clue I could someday hinge upon her door one day, which still was an assertion in my head, yet it only could take a flight to her city to be true. So finally, I determined to surprise her as she never believed in “love” I wanted to make sure she understood it does live. She was the most intricate woman I ever knew lived, with unpredictable behavior; she was pretty tough in her thoughts.

It was a Monday morning; I was about to land in the “little Paris,” and out of curiosity, as expected, there were signs of snow. Only legends can comprehend the love of rain and snow and the essence of cold weather. I have always loved rain and snow all along with my life, I adore it when snow wraps everything in its white blanket, and you must uncover every single thing with bare hands as if it’s a treasure. There is nothing naked anymore; the fur of snow has captured all the beauty within it as beauty has preserved itself. The undiscovered city was overwhelmingly beautiful in all aspects; I could glimpse it while sitting in the yellow taxi. 

The mesmerizing scenery had just started to freeze in my memories as I heard the voice of the driver, ” we are here.” Oh, sure, I said and disbursed a bit extra from the fair to him; I was a tad eager as I was about to catch her face the first time with my naked eyes. But, as soon as I knocked on the door, my heart began to thump so fast I almost believed I was about to die. She was adorned within all her beauty, clad in a glimmer of delights

Her cheeks had transformed into soft pink roses all of a sudden. She froze in her gaze for a moment before I shook her shoulders, saying, ” Hey, are you alright?.” Then, she whispered in a shivering tone,” are you here?”. Yes, I am I replied. It was formidable for her to make eye contact, and the reason for that was her shyness. Undoubtedly the moment I had endeavored to initiate is unnatural in the world we live in today. Yet, she was trying to accept the reality. ” Breath,” I whispered in her ears, and as I  said that, I grabbed her hands and slowly hugged her. The warmth of my body was reaching her veins, and I could feel her liquefying in my arms. She was the most delicate thing I ever touched in my entire life as if I touched one edge; and I could not envision if there were an end to it. 

I had utterly clung to her ribcage yet allowed her to breathe on my shoulders. Then I slowly stroked her back while kissing her neck softly, and she was mumbling in a quivering voice, telling phrases I could not comprehend. Nevertheless, my hands were momentarily gliding down her spine under her silky hair, and she evolved more soothing than moments ago. As soon as my fingers grazed her buttocks, my lips had discovered their way to her lips. I clutched her so hard she barely could breathe while I began kissing her wildly as if it was the last moment of my life. Then, plunged in the passion of that lava sprinting in my veins like blood, I had no consciousness at all. She had immersed me deeper in her soul; my eyes were now shut as I was advancing for the chasm of her beauty. 

None of us remember how long we dropped into that moment how far we drove. Then, as soon as I gained sense, I noticed her wearing a bathrobe carrying a cup of coffee in her hand. Are you alright? She asked promptly, and I replied, ” I am now.” What about you? I questioned her immediately, and without any delay, there was a soft smile on her face as she responded unhurriedly, ” Now I believe in love.” 


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Romantic short stories are charms you like to tell readers. A short love story in English, this is one of the short love stories to read online for free. It had been a while since the guests engaged me so much that I neglected to text her. There had never been a day we have relished without conversing with each other. Furthermore, if this intimacy did not occur, it appeared that the sun might not expose itself to the world the next day. Perhaps all the stars would plummet from the atmosphere, and this world would look like a defeated dream. I understood she might get annoyed, but on the other hand, I understood exactly how to persuade her.

She was right there in my perceptions while I was discussing her with my heart. And the phone lying on the desk in front of me began whirring. I almost had a heart attack with a swift blow to my existence when I observed her name on the screen. It made me stagnant for a while, and I could not push myself to return it. But shortly, I gathered myself, corrected my tone to be available to reply.

“You assume you did ignore nothing yet made me curious”, she said, keeping the flame in her speech at a low pace. I was leering down at the documents spread over the table, pondering what to speak. She carried on “I was not quite sure and was panicked by the situation, You were quiet for a while and for the first time, so I decided to come and see you as soon as possible. Please don’t get indignant, but I am on a plane right now, I’m coming over to see you. I am sorry I was worried about you“.
It was so astonishing that I assumed I went in a trance for some time there. She was screaming” are you there? “ And I grew speechless despite extraordinarily excited that she is getting here to see me. Then I replied with delight” I’m right here sweetheart I simply can’t imagine what I heard. Are you really? “ She did not even let me end my sentence and stated” yeah! Aren’t you happy? “ I responded immediately” I’m over the moon babe”.

Imaculate conceptions

I could hear noises behind her within the airplane where we have been speaking and this time. The captain of the aircraft announced they were going to fly soon, cautioning everybody to place seat belts on. She was speaking so blatant this time considering I won’t have the ability to hear her due to the encircling noises. And she or he affirmed, “alright love, be equipped I’m joining you in few hours” after which she was compelled to hold up the telephone.
I left the workplace as quickly as I could possibly be listening to work calls whereas driving home, telling everybody it was an emergency and I needed to go away early. My condo was huge, but I was home alone in distress nevertheless not everybody had to know that particularly my girlfriend. Women are all the time too strict about observing on every part round or with you once they see you. She was not so perceptive about this still you by no means know what a woman is hiding in her coronary heart and it solely comes out whenever you have an argument.
It was like a convention to go grocery procuring earlier than we meet. I do not know if anybody on the planet does that, though, we have been so loopy romantic and did not wish to lose a minute after we have been together. She all the time flew to my town to see me and I had hardly made a couple of runs to see her in her city. Although it was so thrilling and romantic, and it could possibly be the happiest moments of my life, feeling liked and kissed and cuddled around. It was more like getting so extravagant that you do not even care about where on earth you are right now. You wish to neglect every bit, yet do not desire to see anything but her eyes.

Passionate glory

The keys have been rambling the locks of the door of my apartment promptly. I rushed in and zoomed in a frightened voice “oh my God I’ve to clean it as swiftly as I can”. It got me an hour to locate everything in the place they were purported to be. I hit the showers immediately after, picked her privileged clothes for me, and rolled out. On the way to the airport, I picked some flowers and put them on the front seat. It was somewhat cold outside and the weather was narrating to me there could be rain later. There had been some clouds unfurled throughout the skies above me and I needed rain to drop so long as she was with me.
Being so excited I nearly forgot to take the car to a gas station. The poor thing was beeping every now and then warning me of low gas. Still, I did not wish to be late, so I made a decision to disregard it entirely. Suddenly after parking the car, I was strolling in the direction of the “ARRIVALS” gate. The reception desk instructed me the flight was approaching one and a half-hour later. It emerged that time has seized and the clocks are caught on this loop ceaselessly. Each minute looked like a year.
After waiting for some time I caught the announcement that the flight was finally landed. I hastily yielded myself to the arrivals gate. It’s arduous to wait when your pleasure is off the charts. Lastly, I could see her moving slowly in my direction. Her eyes were wandering, browsing for me, although shyly.


As I decided to sneak as much as I could, so she couldn’t discover me, but then she called me ” where are you? I can’t see you anywhere”. I asked her “have you searched for me in all places?” She nodded “I can not find you though”. I responded nonchalantly “turn around”, and as I had managed to stretch close to her without her noticing she considerably had no plausibility of finding out where I was. She rolled and as soon as I could reach into her gaze, I clutched her waist with my hand wrapping her buttocks and lifted her like she was a mushy toy. Her legs were in the air whereas her belly button was smacking my chest. She was shouting “pull me down”, everyone is watching” and I said “really”? Who cares? I love you and that’s all that matters.
As soon as she was on the ground she hugged me as debilitating as she could and as usual, my fingers were sliding down her back again, reaching for her rumps. I slowly started kissing her neck, and she couldn’t resist screaming “not right here not in public”. Even so, while she was diligent in establishing a dialog I clutched her lips and locked them with a wild kiss. Now she couldn’t speak and all I could feel her in my mouth was “Mmmmm….not right here….. stopp.” I wish I could be at that moment for days, but she was getting tired so I eased down the grip, so she could breathe easily. Her lips turned blushed and her cheeks sprang to boast pink like glowing lava. Suddenly she held my hand as we started walking outside, and whispered: “let’s get out of this place”.
Yes, I replied and where we are heading now”? There was this devilish smile on her face, and she replied with enthusiasm “to the grocery store indeed”. As soon as, I opened the door of the vehicle she noticed those flowers I brought her. She had this twist in her mood smiling but complaining and what are these doing in here? You forgot them again to carry with you”?. “Oh, no,” I said, “They were here on purpose they always distract me when I am kissing you, I mean I don’t know how to keep them while I am kissing you I am sorry”. Smiling again, she replied, “you have got to control yourself I am here now.” “I am trying my best”, I responded before we almost entered the grocery store.
Buying groceries with her was so much fun. To contend for no reason at all for things that did not even matter. But it almost grew my habit to tantalize her a bit to get her angry on purpose. Most probably so I could kiss her right after that. Chocolate syrup on honey? She asked me intently, and I answered softly, “honey I guess, but we don’t need anything sweet now because you are here.”I knew I had made her smile again, but then she almost jumped on me and began kissing me like a wild animal. Not in public, you said, I taunted her a bit, and she paused kissing for a moment and responded, “no one is around”.

© Rana M  15 July 2021, All rights reserved

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It was a long night before he was starting the engine of his car. A busy day ahead and the first thing to go through was usual morning traffic. No matter where you live, the crest of this elegance is what you observe every day. His eyes were gloomy; sleepless nights have evolved him over the years. But how long he would stretch this, he didn’t have an idea. Her voice was echoing in his head, and he could not forget certain things she mentioned. Now he was talking to himself as he always does—challenging and defending himself of many queries he argued with her last night. Short stories about love are always mesmerising. A cute short love story is as true as the sun itself no matter how small it can be.

It was evident as they spoke to each other after a long time. What he could possess was feelings of his souls speaking to his heart. Remnants of the past still haunting them for reasons unknown. He could not get her out of his fantasies ever, and now as she reached him back again meant a lot. But being an LEO, he was always possessive and submissive in his approach. She is a Sagittarius, and so she liked to be chased, keeping her collected. Now she understood he is a raging bull, and when it comes to love, he is as crazy as a kid is mad for chocolate. It is subtle that if the beast is sleeping, let it rest, and if you wake him up, be ready to see what it is proficient of. He subsisted as a monster for her, and all her brain could think about him was invalidating. It is not because he was an actual werewolf but because he was so overprotective in love and craved her madly. 
I am not making this up, but it is hard for many to believe that people can daydream while they are awake, and it is, in fact, a reality. He stopped at Mcdonalds for breakfast but remembered she had strictly asked him to follow the diet as he had gained a lot of weight. Driving the car away from that station, he went straight to the office. It was a typical day with the same routine, but he was quite muffled today, still conversing to himself and directing himself questions about her. His heart and he were petitioning her in detail this morning. 

So he asked his heart, 

Him: what if she meets us now after all those years? How would you like her?

The heart:  liking days are over pal, don’t you know we yearn her now, and this is forever. 

Him: Yeah, I know, but that’s not the point; I was saying, let us plan how the meeting would be and where?

The Heart: Don’t you remember what she said she liked? 

Him: But she mentioned not to listen to you; you are so stubborn, she says. 

The heart: Ah, what she knows about me? She does not like me; that’s it. 

Him: That means she does not like both of us if it is true. But she blames you for everything. 

While this discussion was getting to its peak, he drove out of the office and went away around, which he didn’t recognize. It was a beautiful evening, and he had no idea if he was driving back home or elsewhere. The car was moving on the road, and all of them were going through the traffic jams, himself, his heart, and the vehicle. 

The heart: Why? I love her the most and loved her all those years. 

Him: Don’t know, man. I had a hard time convincing her we both are improved, but she is reluctant to accept and says that you love too much. 

The heart: Who complains about loving so much?

Him: Apparently, she does

The heart: Tonight we should discuss this with her and don’t you forget to ask her to kiss you. 

Him: She argued with me on this last night, and I could hardly move her to kiss me.

The heart: Trust me and follow my lead. You would be fine. 

Him: Follow your lead? You almost got us destroyed, man; you are insanely possessive at love. 

The heart: We both are; you know we can’t cheat a person and how loyalty runs in our veins. We were born passionate. It’s in the blood. 

Him: So tell me, how would we design to meet her?

The heart: You should insist on her as soon as possible. 

Him: I did, and you always push me and make the scene emotional. 

The car is still moving on the road, and they are far away from home, don’t know how many signals they have crossed and how many highways they have changed. Swapping lanes from left to right, they discuss her, which is getting intense every minute. 

The heart: Why don’t we go back to her town and surprise her?

Him: Are you out of your mind? it would be so risky, and we’ll put her in trouble. 

The Heart: Hear me out, we will just buy a home in her town, won’t tell anyone, just send someone over to bring her home and surprise her. 

Him: And whom should we send to her home?

The Heart: We can think of getting her a business proposal by someone famous in her town belonging to her work industry and so she could listen intently and move along. 

Him: By deceiving her? How would she take such a surprise?

The heart: It is not deceiving; when she would realize that we have done this for her, she would be happy. 

Him: Not her town, though. I don’t feel this vibe. 

The heart: Well, then we can charter a plane and surprise her on a journey together. 

Him: and how do you plan that happening?

The heart: We will offer her an outline and tell her she has to be in several countries for two weeks, at least, as part of the job. 

Him: but why various countries? And how do you think she would buy this?

The heart: We didn’t tell her which country yet so it would be a great surprise. Besides, if she knows we are not involved in this, she would buy it. 

Him: She says she trusts us, so I guess she won’t be upset if we are involved. 

The heart: What’s the element of surprise then?

Him: yeah, you are right. 

The heart: I am always right. 

Don’t know how many toll gates he passed on the way to this journey, and they still could not decide how the rendezvous would be. The city lights were on; he turned down the car’s windows to smell the fresh air. He literally didn’t have any idea where he was driving. It exactly seemed like he was drunk, and the signboards on the roads were blurred in his vision. The eyes were glassy as hell, but this dream’s mesmerism was outstanding, so he didn’t desire this to divulge. 

Him: Don’t you think you are always alright. Now tell me what plan B is if certainty is that we can’t meet her in her town. What is gonna be then?

The heart: Hear me out then, lad! Don’t imagine just be in the scene to feel its trance completely. You have chartered a plane and docked it at the airport in her town. There is her name written in bold letters all over this plane. Inside, you have arranged to decorate all the measures to welcome her on board with all you got. She is getting in her home. You had already sent a tailored suit embroidered all over the spots you asked the designer to create. Not only that, she’s wearing the perfume you like her to wear. Curly hair is done with the fragrance you adore, and even the eyeliner and lip gloss to be what you need her to put on. The lingerie indeed of your choice undoubtedly, in other words, she looks perfect as you desire her to be. 

She has no idea what she is going to observe soon enough. It is going to be the surprise of her life. Slowly she is walking on the track to the select gate assigned for the aircraft I had arranged. Still, she does not understand it but soon realizes that it’s almost her walking in that direction. Usually, you see long queues for boarding passes to be collected and people dozing on the seats waiting for final boarding calls announcements. But she was being escorted to the hanger where I was anxiously waiting for her arrival. Quite nervous but excited, I was pondering in delight. 

Reflections of the heart

Shocked in by seeing the only passenger board that plane, she wanted to confirm it again from the protocol officer ” are you sure this is the plane?” Yes, madam, I am sure he replied. And after walking down the passage like a tunnel that connected the aircraft with the airport. She was right at the door, and the air hostesses were ready to welcome her on board. As soon as she entered the plane, she realized it is still a daydream or something and can’t be real. But it was pretty much accurate, actually more than she could think. 

The hostesses made her sit on a seat right in the center of the plane. Her heart was beating fast as she was really unable to surmise all of this. Biting her nails in this turbulence, she took out her phone but soon put it back in her bag. She was unable to figure out the reason for all this glory on a doubtful day. She sat on the seat yet still been shivering but gathered herself up. I moved slowly from the pilot’s cabin and began approaching her. Biting her fingernails, she was looking sumptuous. I was carrying a champagne bottle in my hand and honestly was trembling myself to surprise her touch her after twenty years. The details of her beauty were exquisite, and her scent has mesmerized the environment already. The situation was jittery for both of us, but what a delightful view and lovely moment nature has bestowed on us after all those years.

Short true love stories

I slowly came near to her shoulder and whispered in her ears, someone asked for a bottle of champagne? She looked at me with exciting exuberance, her eyes were shining, and the facial expressions were exceptionally sparkling. She rose up from her seat and jumped at me like a lioness jumps at its companion with joy. Holding me so tightly, she started hugging me, so I started kissing her madly. She ignited my intense sensations all at once, and this moment was astonishingly extraordinary. The fire of her body was burning my lips; the more I sink inside her, the more astounding she would taste. The ravishing edges on her shoulders were rubbed by me in this quest. Cruising down her waist, I relinquished the delightful spree of a beautiful point. 

For the moment, they didn’t know where they were, falling into the depths of a passionate rendezvous. I grabbed her buttocks; the friction of my hand down under the lingerie fired up her rump. Her lips were diluted in my mouth like rose petals melt in the proximity of passion. All the urges and desires were gathered like a storm, and the lava of emotions was burning them away. Folding her arms in the cling, the nipping sprang at both ends. Pinching her ribs so hard before the hands could smack her pelvis. I was reluctant to let go of this delicate moment ever. She had submitted herself utterly and benevolently, her body flowing more pliant by the touch. The love fallen in each other’s depth continued until the souls merged in one another. Don’t know for how long, few hours, a day, or a week none of us remember. 

When we recaptured senses to learn and gather ourselves together. We realized that we obtained each other in the most desirable energy nature has blessed us with. I asked her where she would like to go today? she answered in a romantic voice, ” It is your day, and I am yours take me where you want.” 


© Rana M  19 November 2020 All rights reserved


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No matter how you multiply your days with the emotions you exchange. Or the feelings you divide with your heart’s reflections. You can not cheat life for what it offers to you for the days you live on this planet. Delusions of your soul appear to your behavior’s gratitude, and so you cannot hide what is in your heart. Most of us fight with their demons but never know what are they fighting for? The goal of life must be determined to taste the fruit of love. If people start discovering their personality’s treasures, they will find this lifetime is not just enough to realize its full potential. Yet it all depends on a soul how long it can suffer from growing to a point where it gets weightless from the burden of illusion we call love. Choosing who to love is a difficult question to answer. Especially when you are choosing between an old love and new love.

Choosing who to love | Choosing between an old love and new love

It is hard to figure whom you chose to love and spend the rest of your life with. Please don’t compare your f**ck buddies with your beloved. Rhetorically speaking, you can’t technically be allowed to f**ck when you are in a relationship; otherwise, people would call you a cheater and refer you a retard. But as we progress towards development in technology, the cultural norms are pressed to a point where no one cares what the f**ck they are doing. People follow others if they see anything attractive and eye-catching, no matter how shitty the value of the subject would be. It would immediately go viral, and people start to follow shit. A girl is deemed dumb if she cannot sleep with people she can count. She must not calculate the people she sleeps with to get the title of a ” normal girl” in today’s society. So our conclusion here is simple that personalities don’t matter in the modern world, but preserving one’s interests. This scenario does not help you choose which one you love. It can builds momentum for you to decide with whom you are going to have a relationship.

Raging Bull –

Love is wild when your heart discovers it; there is no way out. Soon enough, it grips your soul and devours all the feelings and emotions you carry. It is like a raging bull, fierce in it run, flawless and unstoppable. It’s a phenomenon where people forget what they are and where they are. They do things that are not understandable and acceptable for the outside world. Lovers are lost in each other so much that the eyes of a beloved ornament an ocean for the real lover. They acknowledge each other as a legacy of nature and cherish each other no matter what happens. Choosing who to love is a difficult question to answer. Especially when you are choosing between an old love and new love.

Dominance and control –

It seldom appears that you find the other person the same way you feel about them when you love someone. You infrequently see them loving you back the way you do. Everyone can have a distinctive style, mood, gesture or personality, and attitude towards love. But it speaks only one language; it is rampant and impeccable. So if your question is love, you would plausibly discover the answer being love too. But sometimes people betray, and when you don’t gain love in return, you become heartbroken. Living in the 21st century, people label their lust and infatuation as love and use this word to manipulate the loop of life. You cannot cheat life.

You cannot cheat in love

Similarly, you cannot cheat in love and presume to be obscure. If and only if there’s real love between two people, it is not required for any of them to be dominant in any case. The only people who claim others to be prevalent are materialistic as they mock the word love because they never learn the accurate description. Their priorities are diverse, and so they have to make excuses. When excuses are created, then lies pop up too. So you deviate from the correct path of love and drive on a parallel road that belongs to this world and not to your lover. When this happens, your partner demands love from you, and when you insist on going on a road that pertains to the world, then your lover demands to be with him/her to live a monotonous life.



Complains vs. excuses.

In this scenario, the person who complains to others as dominant is the person who does not want to discourse the language of love. It is a person who does not envy to surrender anything for love but accuses others. Here is an example to elucidate this theory in any relationship where love is involved either in emotions or sentiments. People give and take feelings to justify their presence. Even parents implement care for their families to prove they love them.

Similarly, when it comes to romance, what is that one thing that keeps a relationship alive? or that one thing that establishes this connection? Is it love? And if it is love, how someone proves it, they love somebody else? So the answer is the actions that occur naturally during a romantic relationship: a kiss, a hug, making love, and much more. To determine who loves who and why this all happens in love, one must understand the fundamental principles to know where they stand in a relationship.

Make’s and Don’ts – Rules vs. the world.

We live in a society with culture and traditions, family, and other obligations to follow to exist in this so-called world. Here is where most people mess up as they mix their materialistic approach to romance and love. The world and love cannot be in one pot, and that’s the rule of nature on this planet. We have not seen any happy ending of a true love story. Lovers have always suffered and consecrated their joys into the hands of this materialistic world in the pages of history. But there are no rules in love. There are no boundaries whatsoever, either. So if someone claims they are in love and complain about this world to justify ” what they can’t do in love,” then recheck them; their claim is false. There are certain things a relationship demands, and here I mean any relationship in this so-called world. So when we do certain things to keep any materialistic relationship alive, we forget to be loyal and worthy enough to honor a romantic relationship. For example, in a romantic relationship, we offer anything we have to our beloved no matter what happens. We know when our beloved is angry and what makes her/him happy.

I love you

When you say the words ” I love you,” that’s a time stamp on anything in your life that belongs to your beloved. Trust those are compelling words, and people got to be careful if they utter them to someone. But when wrong people, people who are liars, speak these words and cannot obligate themselves as true lovers. They mess up because no one can travel in two boats at one time. You can keep the world or the love train. They can decide to live by the rules of a materialistic world. Or live by no limitations in their world of love. And remember the actual world you live in is the world around you that loves you, and the imitation of your heart loves it back.

Excuses Vs. Facts

Now come on, how can you make excuses in love. Excuses are all lies piled up in the wave of emotions that you convey. These are, in fact, the weaknesses you cannot overcome. Or perhaps your truth of commitment towards a relationship and while excuses are on the table. You forget that you said you love somebody. And promised a whole lot of stuff to them. So the relationship gets sour when you generate excuses for things you cannot do in love. For promises, you cannot keep, and for certainties, you cannot drop. The more the excuses, the weaker the relationship. It is like wishing a plant to grow without watering it.


Rebounds Vs. fresh


When you start a relationship, especially when you are a teenager, things look pretty rumpled at times. It is because the momentum of feelings and emotions is boundless to anything else. The heart is the king, and the mind is just a route to the journey. But whatever happens to this relationship if they diverge for unknown or known circumstances. And lovers fail to engage in and conquer each other. They make rebounds, and true lovers accept each other no matter what the events triggered the tragedy.


When rebounds happen, it means that both have allowed each other to begin where they left off and improve their love the way they ever wanted. Here they have more freedom than ever to express themselves to their beloved and reveal what had fallen back in the day. Both cannot forget the past and always remind each other of the moments they shared, the kisses, the hugs, and all the lovemaking in detail. Choosing who to love is a difficult question to answer especially when you are choosing between an old love and new love.


© Rana M  11  November 2020 All rights reserved

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Articles about love or articles about love and relationships consume all the energies of lovers. It starts with passion like a dreamboat. Math was not his primary concern as a subject. He was always annoyed at things he didn’t fancy. It appeared like lava kept bubbling inside him, ready to flip everything tirelessly if he articulated. Teenagers are always contentious, but he was more obstinate than typical kids: a brilliant student but a feisty teenager, I must say. There were summer vacations, and he never used to travel anywhere. His father told him to visit one of his uncles. Being shy, he always hesitated gatherings and people he was unfamiliar with it. But his father insisted that he might want to refresh his mind from the burden of studies, and it might make him learn something new. He acknowledged and boarded a train to his uncle’s place.

Trials of Fire

After two days, he recognized it was quite tedious to stay there as he was relatively modest from the inside. His uncle’s kids were amusing, and he used to spend most of his time with them. One day they were all holding an old diary where someone wrote a sensual fantasy in their past. They could not figure out who wrote it, but the story was engaging. Aysel was prudent than them all, and she immediately contrived to duck the diary from other kids as they were younger than both of them.

The younger kids might get curious about words used in the journal, which, by all means, were inappropriate for the younger audience. He smirked when she did that and questioned her, why did you do that? Do you know the definition of “sensual,” which is written in the diary? She nodded, “Yes I know but I can tell you the meaning, later on, cannot tell you in front of the kids.” He said, ” all right then we will discuss it later.”

Runway Affair

The word sex, sensual, or seduction is unceasingly enthusiastic about discussing in any scenario or situation. Both were curious and desired to converse about it whenever they can own time. They frequently used to read collectively or concern about their subjects and grades at school. Falak was a senior while Aysel was a bit younger than him, so she studied as a junior. They both didn’t know what was going to occur to them shortly. They had no clue what they were about to dive into and what they were about to explore.


The next morning they captured some time chatting alone as the other kids played, and they could say a few words in private. So he launched the dialogue saying, “so Aysel tell me what do you comprehend about those words inscribed on that diary yesterday.” She turned pink in a second; he could see shy tides on her cheeks, spinning one corner to the other. With her eyes down, she uttered, “I don’t know much I just studied about it someplace.” He grew more curious; his cheeks sprang throbbing like he was going through the fire. The flames of passion started consuming them alive, but they didn’t know what direction they were about to fall.

Both were inexperienced and bashful at the same time. But they didn’t let go of this matter and were anxious to review it. Clinging on to the subject more precisely, she carried on the discussion and asked him, “you never learned or discovered these words anywhere?” He replied, “Yes I have but never have discussed with anyone.” It was possibly the time for both of them to discuss the opposite gender for the first time in their lives. Both were curious and wanted to speak more and more about it.Articles about Love | Articles about love and relationships | Dream Boat

Playground Illusion

From now on, they had more excitement in each other and commenced making time to discuss something. Curiosity was at the peak, and they were drawn into the spectrum even though they didn’t recognize anything about its appeal and values. When love rises to develop, even the miniature features matter the most. The integrity of humankind does not assign anything to overwhelm the powerful grip of desire. Both were young and were at the very inception of their days. They didn’t understand the world’s hanky pankys; the characteristics and emotions were clean and fresh. Falak was more determined, yet Aysel was more rational and balanced.

Maybe girls are invariably like that; they are always smooth and delicate. He was so seized and addicted to her in a few days that momentarily he never aspired to let her out of his sight. It was his first time encountering a girl and speaking to her about anything he wanted from his heart. For her, he was the one she was interacting with for the first time about barricaded topics. The energy was extraordinary because both were young and vigorous.

But they had no idea what to respond or what to do. All the romance they vanquished was procured from movies they could watch. They had not even begun holding hands together; there was no touch, so they had no idea what it feels like when they would touch each other. Articles about love or articles about love and relationships consume all the energies of lovers. It starts with passion like a dreamboat.

Belonging season

They ought to be extremely careful, so no one snatches them diving into each other’s eyes and get noticed. Falak didn’t bother what the hell was going on outside this moment. He was crazy at this. Most of the time, he could not even discern the skipped meals. He was longing into the perception of a lover—the charms of a passionate romance, and the glory of a delightful journey. Aysel has no idea, or perhaps he didn’t understand what she was thinking about her at that particular time.

It is entirely possible that both could have the same sentiments about each other. It was the beginning of something spectacular and turbulent, which people denominate love. How dangerous it might get, they had no trace. They resumed their conversations and, most of the time, had success striking eye contact. They intimately absorbed and elaborated their sign language and could interact with each other without saying a word. Their warm bodies were craving for each other, but their minds were busy getting to know each other yet. Articles about love or articles about love and relationships consume all the energies of lovers. It starts with passion like a dreamboat.


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To be continued…….

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We belong together

Chapter 1

We belong together as I am still in love with my first love after 20 years. We belong together because we are meant for each other. What a typical day seem like? Imagine she calls you after 20 years and that adulating voice smacks your ears. Still angry at things, the usual girl. But there is love in her anguish still. I can feel it but bound to this world, she can’t say a word. But I was stagnant for a while didn’t know what to say, what words to engage, and where to initiate the dialogue. But she made me happy, more radiant than ever for just hearing her voice. Was it just a voice ? or lying there tons of complaints and agonies tending to pop and cry out loud? She didn’t whisper this time; she grudged like a cougar. Though it didn’t last that long, I asked her, ” Hey calm down dove, I am hearing you after so long say something adulating, forget the past.”

But there is so much more to the imaginations twisting the mood whenever you recall them. The human curiosity is always obligated to the satire fractions of part of the heart that perceives love. We ponder in gratitude for what we have accomplished and feel sorry for losing ourselves living angry at things that didn’t go as planned. There are always two sides of a story, or perhaps the information is still deemed to be having adequate proof of both partners to receive the outcome of love. Either way, discussing the past is painful. The real reason behind this is the remorse for things we could not get: the memories we shared or the emotions we exchanged.

Still in love

When we lose something, we blame others as culprits. It is human psychology. We never think about our flaws, the things we lack in a relationship, or holes in our personality. Unless we don’t discover ourselves, we cannot go on a journey to explore love. The ideology behind every love story is always twisted like a piece of paper. You cannot bring it back to its original state as the paper crumbles, no matter what you do.

Similarly, you cannot turn around time; you cannot manipulate the outcomes of your activities and engagements towards a relationship. Guilt and regret can add more flare to an existing complex in love. It can create waves of negative energy or drive you crazy. Then the anguish hits the shady corners of your brain, provoking you to blame others for everything. But in reality, you are liable for what occurs to you. You are the only person who can transform your circumstances. You may receive what you invest. It is entirely impossible that if you provide this universe positivity and it gives you back negativity. We are always responsible for our failures; we must accept our flaws, we must trust others as who they are and not how we want them to be.

We belong together | Still in love with my first love after 20 years

Her curiosity

Imagine she asks you, ” What if you had me who I would be for you.” Assume the agony behind the question when your perception as a lover for her is doomed years ago. She apprehends you love her, but she’s hurt in ways she could not imagine. Perhaps I was not that evil how she sketches it, but you acknowledge what you receive, not how someone ensures it. There are numerous perceptions which are not exposed to others no matter how precisely you plan a journey. People don’t consider what your heart is; they can only appreciate what they collect from you. To answer her question, I have to tell her that I accept my flaws and apologize.

But it is not always easy for the other person to believe you. She does not know how I have been evolved or battled my soul to shift my personality from one state to another. It may be hard for her to recognize how I have suffered in my life without her. How hard it was to cry for years, to breathe without her, and to live a life that did not carry her.

But I don’t blame her for me being madly in love in a way she could not handle. She was sophisticated and sensitive, and I was passionate and aggressive. She was more sensible and passive, but I was wild and electric. I remember she always counseling me, imploring me to go slow down. But I was deranged as you can dream and agile as a speeding truck. She did her best to linger as long as she could, believing that I could master how to control my nerves and act naturally one day.

How it started

I don’t remember how it started, but I know it very well did. This feeling is unique in every perspective, and once you are engaged in it, there is no way out. It is fire but not just regular fire and it cuts more in-depth than a sword and burns more ferocious than lava. It consumes you as a whole, chews your heart, and pulls out all your tastes and desires. You cannot cheat it like you cannot cheat life. Love prevails in every nerve you got, finds its way to the deepest of your emotions. It runs wild in your heart and turns mountains into dust. We belong together as I am still in love with my first love after 20 years. We belong together because we are meant for each other. 

When I saw her the first time

When I saw her the first time, I knew she was the one. I didn’t have to think twice. It was spontaneous, without any ambiguity. I still remember the look on her face; she didn’t tremble either. The more I plunged in, the more I cherished her. Love began flooding in my veins. It ripped open my heart and swallowed its blood. It sucked out all the life in my body. All I remember was her, all I absorb was her, and all I breathe was her. She was the joy and sorrow; she was my today and tomorrow. Nothing in the world could please more than her smile, primarily when used to bite her lower lip with her teeth. It was more romantic than the romance itself. She clutched my soul in a way that I could not detach it ever. The bond was natural and so was forever. I was dominant in any way possible, holding every door and pervading all the space. 

Yet it was too much for her to assimilate and to adapt. She might not be an LEO like me and was a demure but a romantic soul. She said Yes to my madness, not knowing what she was diving into, and honestly, neither did I. I was about to explore my spirits, and I was delighted she was beside me. We both were teenagers at that point, but I was more eager than her, passionate than her, and more stubborn than her. She was more sensible than me, smarter than me, and much more beautiful than any existing soul on this planet.  We belong together as I am still in love with my first love after 20 years. We belong together because we are meant for each other. 

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to be continued………………..

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Our beautiful Planet


Settling words in ideas in these challenging times
Teasing each emotion fretting about the scripture


Prying to the resources the planet has left with
Agonies to humanity are testing each bit of fixture.


This time shall pass over, and we may withstand again.
We are birds craving, combing cure around the pitcher.


The turmoil has inflicted our active lives in so many ways.
Freedoms must be won again, and we must recover quicker.


The humankind requires persistent prayers for forgiveness.
Oh, Allah pardon us and bless us again, wealthier and healthier 



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Us and our beautiful planet are going through a tough time right now. Coronavirus pandemic has shattered everything on earth. We need prayers. A word, a feeling, an emotion or a relationship, a gesture, food of the soul or opinion, an orientation, a formula, a lifestyle or gig to impress others. A reality, a discussion, deeper truth, gift of nature an invitation to passion. It is not about reasons but the gravity of the emotions or whatever the possible term is but one thing I know for sure is that it is the most powerful feeling on earth and there has not been any other emotion of feeling greater than this ever discovered or experienced by mankind till now. If I ask you to touch my heart, I would rather touch your heart first. The reach of sincerity is always hiding inside a loving loving heart. I am writing short inspirational poems that are spiritual and very alike poems about souls. Like Rumi has explained in his poems. This life is short.

The answer is that in reality, it is a powerful sentiment that ignites all your energies visible or invisible and brings out a raging fire that turns the wheels of passion and gives you the pleasure which is the most delightful and most expensive and rare on this planet.  Things we do for love or what I did for love?  Sad love poetry reveals the desires of a loving heart. It tells all in true love poems as well as in black love poems. This heart poem though is unique. If I ask you to touch my heart, I would rather touch your heart first. Living through pain is not easy. Living through pain is not easy. Broken heart sad poems reveal the agony of the soul. Hurt, short sad, or broken poems can remind you of the pain. Us and our beautiful planet are going through a tough time right now. Coronavirus pandemic has shattered everything on earth. We need prayers.

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It’s evident that everyone is concerned about their health. These days people are more health-conscious than ever before. The innovations of technology are paying off, and more people are into the research of their goodness and health goals. Do people always ask how to stay motivated? Is there any motivation to lose weight?. The gym near me does not work well. I would say, stay strong and train.

But many of us look upon others for the motivation we need for our well being. We interpret blogs, books, and follow videos that carry erudition to get lean or to gain muscle. The truth of the fact is 80% of the people who proceed to the Gym every day. They do not comprehend what they are accomplishing in there. And the people who cannot go to a gym at all are not much at success. Health is more valuable than anything else in this world. Figuratively speaking, your whole life, work, relationships, romance, or even business goals depend on your health. If you are not fit you can’t perform adequately in any of the motion in your life


How to motivate yourself


How to stay motivated | Motivation to lose weight | Gym near me

The first thing to converge on here is your ambition to step ahead of your laziness. And strike the doors of your stamina and intuition. The power within ourselves compels us to make the right decisions in our lives, and once you decide to knock a gym, you are halfway there. Your goal can vary, but the destination is determined by your commitment and promise to yourself that you want to be fit, lean, and healthy. These days the life we live it’s not obvious to locate the right ingredients to eat or even pure air to breathe. We have stretched from natural to processed foods. The organics are not in reach of everyone. The lifestyle we possess empowers us to persist cozy and sluggish. As a consequence, we gain weight, and the biases we have familiarized with our body withstand any modification we want to implement.

Believe in yourself – Stay motivated

Once we are on that road, it’s laborious to come back on the highway we need to be. And that freeway is the road to our health which leads us towards a better and healthy life. Once we deviate from it, it’s troublesome to get back on track. So to be so, we necessitate believing in our potential. And the commitment to reach where we have set our goals. Compose a plan or strategy on wherewith to get out of the current phase. And join the path of success. The most challenging thing in this consideration is where to begin and once ignited how to retain open-ended. Do people always ask how to stay motivated? Is there any motivation to lose weight?. The gym near me does not work well. I would say, stay strong and train.

I remember when I first started powerlifting and weight lifting back in the day. And I was in my teenage years, and my family members motivated me to join a gym for that. We are a family of wrestlers. My uncle is a General Secretary to “All Pakistan wrestling federation” for a very long time. It was hard to maintain the routine at first, but once I get into it, I enjoyed the training and got addicted to it. We indeed get busy in our lives, and to make a mark in this world, we have to get active in our jobs or businesses, but still, we can manage to find time for the Gym. It can only happen when you start believing in yourself that the Gym is among other important goals in my life.

Gym near me- Find a Gym

When I state ” Find and gym,” that does not anticipate to find any gym across the street, a gym is an innovative habitat you wanna improve your body and develop those muscles the way you have dreamed of. The Gym is an institution where you equip yourself to accomplish your health and fitness goals. Any gym won’t do, remember that. It would be best if you discovered a proper gym where you can put your soul in first before letting your body disciplines to shape itself. Here is the central dilemma when people think a massive piece of hardware or equipment forms a better gym. No, it does not, and the logic behind this pretty simple. When we build a home, we seek to find a better architect to design it. We look for a famous costume designer to choose a dress we want to wear. We do lots of research when we need to buy a ride for us, and we go crazy about going through options for which brand to pick from. Plus We even select which restaurant makes the most exquisite recipes in our town. So when it comes to our body and soul, how can we determine to go to “any gym.” Do people always ask how to stay motivated? Is there any motivation to lose weight?. The gym near me does not work well. I would say, stay strong and train.

So ascertaining a gym means finding a gym designed and crafted by a great mind and soul. Traveling through many countries, I have come across many of such establishments (gyms) when it comes to bodybuilding and weight lifting. The theme is essential, where you want to train yourself. It must provide an atmosphere and melody to let you indulge in the challenges you want to set for yourself.

Here are the key features of a perfect Gym. Try to find the following features in your future Gym:

1- An athlete or sports fanatic runs it.
2- It has a distinct issue that involves numerous training opportunities.
3- It offers the impeccable assortment to all the queries anyone can have and counter to any question an athlete may have.
4- It owns the most advanced facilities for any discipline of training you fancy to plunge into. Any professional associated with any exercise in his/her mind and can obtain a perfect spot to tone their muscles.
5- It’s affordable as it’s not similar to other opponents in town who are a bit more expensive. Its a gym for everyone in this society spread across diverse locations to accommodate people the same spirit at all the places.
6- It extends complimentary classes in various techniques and designs to help you profit your body with the same investment. It also encourages personal trainers to promote people to achieve their goals.
7- It allows a motivational and inspirational rhythm to grant you a mechanism where you feel healthy, testing your limits.
So you can lose weight and gain muscle.
8-It provides you a habitat where you can become lean and robust, intensify your muscles, or solely achieve your fitness goals.

Do people always ask how to stay motivated? Is there any motivation to lose weight?. The gym near me does not work well. I would say, stay strong and train.

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Love is not about fantasies, or is it? It is not indulging in one subject. Thus the more we talk about it, the more we find our strengths and discover what is underneath our desires. Is it all about romance? Or passion? Or glory?. Is it all about sex or touch or feel?

Eloquent questions pop up in your mind in need of answers from your soul. But sometimes the soul further does not have any answers, or perhaps it does not deem necessary to acknowledge such queries. Therefore our inner self goes on to explore. And the phenomenon is so intriguing that it forgets what’s right and wrong. Falling in love is not entirely easy. People may ask why I love you or what is it that you do. And the answer is I do because I love.

Why do people fall in love? No one truly has that answer. But why do I choose what I love? That I can tell. I had been in search of a reply from my soul on this subject. But it was failing to respond. There had been times when I was not even me, in love. I lost all the grandeur and pride to claim what was mine. But what I thought was mine wasn’t genuinely worth it. But do I relish because I urge or I cannot live without it?. The answer is ” a bit of both.”

She didn’t wear the dress that day which I requested her. It was pretty cold outside. She was trembling in her jumpsuit. The jacket barely could stop air from hitting her bosom. Usually, I do not pry, but here I was, witnessing a glorious battle of nature versus beauty. The moment I kissed her, I felt her like blended snow in my mouth. The warmth of her breath could not justify why her cheeks were so frozen. Perhaps she needed me more than ever that day. To dwell inside her and to make her devoted and delighted, I had to start somewhere. So I chose to hug her first but then hoisted her in the air, clinging her legs in my right arm. My left arm was carrying her weight while her right cheek was kissing my left shoulder. She started smiling while I was gazing at her and sauntering.

Falling in love | Why I love you | What is love | I love to love | Love love

Put me down, she said, I murmured, ” No.” I had kissed her many times till now, and slowly she was getting cozy in my grip. I kept strolling and chattering about irrelevant things. Things that were not the subject outline to discuss that day. But to make her smile, this could be a great move to break the ice. Suddenly I decided to sit on the sofa nearby with her still wrapped in my arms. How much do you love me? She asked. I replied, ” more than I can even explain.” The time was ticking, and her presence was striking my soul in every angle possible. My heart was pondering into the ocean of love. Indeed It was writing notions about a passionate radiance. And then Our lips were gossiping about the real impact of passion. Falling in love is not entirely easy. People may ask why I love you or what is it that you do. And the answer is I do because I love.

We kept floating in that mood for a while. And explore ourselves in love as much as we could on that particular day. She was so delighted at that moment; her smile could tell me those tales. Among other distinctions, her eyes were shining, and her cheeks were glowing. The focus was her beauty, and it was all about her one way or the other. It never occurred to me that the moment was ever going to end. To me, the time just froze, and the drench of romance was forever. She was like melting down in my arms like a chocolate bar. The warmth of my body was rising, and the more I loved her, the more it was gaining enthusiasm.

I never asked her if she loved me ever. Perhaps the heat of allegiance of my behavior towards her was not demanding. Or I didn’t want anything in return for my emotions about her. But even though I was exceptional in this case, sometimes I liked to hear the magic words I would ask her,” say that you love me.” She could repeat after me, but it never happened even once that she claimed this sentence on her own. Falling in love is not entirely easy. People may ask why I love you or what is it that you do. And the answer is I do because I love.

So it was one beautiful day my soul backfired on my heart asking, ” why do you love?. And the heart replied, ” I do because I just love; there is no reason why.”This argument is genuine, and I could not figure out the conclusion or the outcome of such encounters. Thus one thing is pretty clear that love is not designed to get the credit of or to gain control of situations. The state of love is not only comparative to the sentimental feelings in your heart but also is associated with the decisions your soul makes for your existence. In particular, it is the lava of emotions we cannot stop. It is a thunderstorm we cannot run away from. Love is a rainbow carrying various colors in its grasp, making every sight beautiful. Falling in love is not entirely easy. People may ask why I love you or what is it that you do. And the answer is I do because I love.

It is undoubtedly the most delicious recipe on earth — the most favorite and entertaining sport on this planet. Some may think it is a book about chapters of our life’s work in different segments. For artists, it is a canvas in various colors. But whatever is it that we can understand and whatever we wish to explore within it, it gets more beautiful with the weight of time. So if you want to ask me why do I love? The answer is, ” I do because I love, there is absolutely no reason why.”

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Live in the present

In this moment | Live in the present | Live in the now | To be present

Many of us believe life is just a thing to do on this planet. The ideology and theory of how this universe was created, and what is our role in it, is still a subject of interest. Love, hatred, goals, or duties everything has scattered over our lives. Either we are running for freedom, or it is running us in various dimensions. The power of the moment is to live in the present. Yet living at present has become dangerously tricky for most of us. To understand the purpose of life and the metaphor of our existence, we have to exist in the present. No one has ever accomplished changing the past, and no one can predict the future. Our happiness, joys, giggles, delights, and desires all lie in the present. Being inspired by the current situation is the key to learn from your past. And to win your dreams of the future.


We are in the process of learning, continuously to this day since the beginning of times. And more we indulge in; our curiosity makes us discover and investigate more profoundly than ever. The ornaments of our discoveries, accumulations, and control are still attached to our vulnerability and fear. The more positive we are to this universe, the more positivity it offers back to us. The idealism of behaviors, thoughts, and emotions concerned with our souls has a direct impact on our lives.

Continuous Learning

The current world we live in is callous at its core. Many of us are busy chasing our dreams. We suffer, we hurt, and we even get angry. But what is it that pulls us together for natural disasters and climate change?. Is it our instinct? No, it is not. It is the result of our continuous learning of this planet’s treasures and tales. The more we explore, the more we learn, and the more we learn, the more we deliver. The power in the now lies in the efforts and energies we share with this purpose. Time is the medium of continuous learning, and it involves us in it one way or the other. For every success, we count to every achievement we desire. It all starts at learning, and the education awards us the glory of such delights.

Time is of the essence

To the laws of nature are more mysterious than ever, there are things on this planet that require immediate attention. For instance, the problem of global warming is rising pretty fast, but how prepared is humankind for it. To live in the present is the fundamental principle to understand the purpose of life. We have rights and obligations to the society we live in, on the planet we live in and among the people we live in. Time controls us in every aspect of the way. Rules bind us, and we cannot go beyond certain limits. Imagine how difficult it has become. To live at your present while all your stakes are in the past or hover in the future. To live in this moment is actually to live in the present. In order to understand life, we must be here now, to be present making this life wonderful.

Positivity for a change

A solution to a million prepositions perhaps. The only thing you can learn from others is the amount of patience you offer. If you answer difficult questions of selfish people on earth by positivity, then you are influencing towards a change. Use positivity as an opportunity to experiment with your instincts for your problems. When we are sad or depressed, we relate it to events in the past. And when we apt due to a particular source of pleasure, we anticipate in the future. In both cases, we can never change our history if we plunge in depths of depression. There’s nothing that we can improve. Also, we cannot change the course of nature to manipulate the future. The only thing we can do is to prevail in the power of positivity and use it to change our lives.

To live in this moment is actually to live in the present. In order to understand life, we must be here now, to be present making this life wonderful. Enjoying life at full pace is to live in this moment.

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