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the boss is the class

The Boss is the class

A Boss is an institute provided to you to learn and educate yourself. All the knowledge you can grab about products , market trends, current or past economic situations , future goals ,growth and success. Learning is a long process ,innovations follow the roots of knowledge you possess while you are on board performing with your blood and sweat.

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Love is a fizgig?

Millions of definitions yet Love is a phenomenon that finds various topics with unending details but hardly ever someone had claimed to explain it completely. A word, a feeling , an emotion or a relationship, a gesture, food […]

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Lover or a partner?

A hypothetical question everyone wonders to ask whether during a relationship or sneaking up to someone’s else’s, yet hardly anyone could really describe whether the person you are in a relationship with is your lover or your partner?  […]

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Mad in love?

Undoubtedly the utmost curiosity of a lover has a significant follow through in the eyes of the beloved. No dream in love has been even considered colorful without the presence of beauty. And no wonder has been discovered […]

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Power of Beauty

How many of us really believe in power of reality and also in the power of beauty? Love is just a feeling and outcome of circumstances in the way of life. It gets interesting when sentiments are involved […]

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