Burn me alive

So burn me alive, love me and watch me burn till I breath
I had been loving you since the beginning of life selflessly

Burn me alive is a poem of passion in love. It is a very engaging and beautiful picture of my heart’s reflections. sometimes we are so frustrated by people whom we fall in love to, that we ask them to burn us alive if you cannot love. A pure love poem.


It is like many of my other romantic poems. I have tried to explain and express my deepest feelings about love, life, and romance. The more I go deeper the more I get emotional. And the more I then write about the fundamentals and basics of love, feelings, and emotions.



It is one of those poems where I have plunged deeper inside my heart. And visualized how beautiful my beloved is and what attributes I can explain and to what level.

You can go searching for poems about life or poems about love and romance. You can even go further to find out more on over the web for quality content and beautiful poems.

My poems are the essence of my poesy. like you can read Magic Fall which is my latest poem. And further you can read my books to know more about what I write. Namely the book The Perfect Betrayal can be a good read.

The process of love is indeed very engaging and captivating. Yet it is complex and dangerous at times. When you love you are dealing with a whole new version of your soul. Your heart seldom listens to you and you are lost in another world.


Burn me alive
Written by Rana M

Walking along the road in the dark, I have moved miles 
Down in this loneliness, I have missed home relentlessly 

To all the gestures and emotions who accompanied me 
In my darkest days  rescued my dying heart endlessly 

Oh sweet love swing my fate the way it just has to be 
Me and my broken heart waiting for it tremendously 

My soul that fall apart for all the betrayal received so far
The love of my life wounded in search of life carelessly 

Counting stars in the rein of sorrows above and beyond
Crossing lines of hopes in the battle of love breathlessly

So burn me alive, love me and watch me burn till I breath 
I had been loving you since the beginning of life selflessly 

Copyright © Rana M  2019  All Rights Reserved 


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