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Woman in the garden

The dancing daisies could be more vigorous today as much as the trees in the garden. She was singing slow while lecturing to her plants in the garden. The shiny rays of the sun were striking her forehead covered in sweat. Flowers at the corners were unsure if she would reach them today. It was her habit of spending as much bit on each plant to spread equal span to all of them. They were all essential to her, and she oversaw for them equally.  Beauty and beyond is a sumptuous article written about the woman in the garden who didn’t believe in love. Just like other women on earth.

The breakfast in the morning consisted of a few eggs, oat cereal, and then some coffee. Pretty usual, as her anger and temperament towards things she didn’t like. I called her a day earlier, and she made it abundantly clear that she wouldn’t be easily free to talk as she would be busy with her garden. I never met anyone with such enthusiasm towards life and the perception of feelings and emotions in general. As I truly believe a woman is the most powerful thing on earth, I can easily identify she is of the most prominent women on the planet. 

Having extraordinary abilities is infrequent in human beings, and those who keep such powers are exceptional in many ways. So the woman in the garden was more than a dream in an emotion, more fragrant than a rose petal and more delicate than silk. Yet adorned with all those qualities, she was also more robust than metal and at times more fierce than a tornado. But, being so elusive at times, she was pretty challenging to judge or try out as a straightforward person. 

Little did she know about my feelings and emotions, as our conversations were always more about the intellectual stuff or understanding different mythologies. But there was this one day I apprised her that, presume I am one of those flowers you treasure so much in your garden and observe you all day every day, cruising around in the grassland. I do bear a grudge, though, disbursing too much time with other flowers and predominantly having brief conversations with the lilies by the pool.

Months of emails and phone calls, she had no clue I could someday hinge upon her door one day, which still was an assertion in my head, yet it only could take a flight to her city to be true. So finally, I determined to surprise her as she never believed in “love” I wanted to make sure she understood it does live. She was the most intricate woman I ever knew lived, with unpredictable behavior; she was pretty tough in her thoughts.

It was a Monday morning; I was about to land in the “little Paris,” and out of curiosity, as expected, there were signs of snow. Only legends can comprehend the love of rain and snow and the essence of cold weather. I have always loved rain and snow all along with my life, I adore it when snow wraps everything in its white blanket, and you must uncover every single thing with bare hands as if it’s a treasure. There is nothing naked anymore; the fur of snow has captured all the beauty within it as beauty has preserved itself. The undiscovered city was overwhelmingly beautiful in all aspects; I could glimpse it while sitting in the yellow taxi. 

The mesmerizing scenery had just started to freeze in my memories as I heard the voice of the driver, ” we are here.” Oh, sure, I said and disbursed a bit extra from the fair to him; I was a tad eager as I was about to catch her face the first time with my naked eyes. But, as soon as I knocked on the door, my heart began to thump so fast I almost believed I was about to die. She was adorned within all her beauty, clad in a glimmer of delights

Her cheeks had transformed into soft pink roses all of a sudden. She froze in her gaze for a moment before I shook her shoulders, saying, ” Hey, are you alright?.” Then, she whispered in a shivering tone,” are you here?”. Yes, I am I replied. It was formidable for her to make eye contact, and the reason for that was her shyness. Undoubtedly the moment I had endeavored to initiate is unnatural in the world we live in today. Yet, she was trying to accept the reality. ” Breath,” I whispered in her ears, and as I  said that, I grabbed her hands and slowly hugged her. The warmth of my body was reaching her veins, and I could feel her liquefying in my arms. She was the most delicate thing I ever touched in my entire life as if I touched one edge; and I could not envision if there were an end to it. 

I had utterly clung to her ribcage yet allowed her to breathe on my shoulders. Then I slowly stroked her back while kissing her neck softly, and she was mumbling in a quivering voice, telling phrases I could not comprehend. Nevertheless, my hands were momentarily gliding down her spine under her silky hair, and she evolved more soothing than moments ago. As soon as my fingers grazed her buttocks, my lips had discovered their way to her lips. I clutched her so hard she barely could breathe while I began kissing her wildly as if it was the last moment of my life. Then, plunged in the passion of that lava sprinting in my veins like blood, I had no consciousness at all. She had immersed me deeper in her soul; my eyes were now shut as I was advancing for the chasm of her beauty. 

None of us remember how long we dropped into that moment how far we drove. Then, as soon as I gained sense, I noticed her wearing a bathrobe carrying a cup of coffee in her hand. Are you alright? She asked promptly, and I replied, ” I am now.” What about you? I questioned her immediately, and without any delay, there was a soft smile on her face as she responded unhurriedly, ” Now I believe in love.” 


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