Baby ….! Every girl I see is you

Oh darling! you might be my universe beyond this world
The sun couldn’t reach the galaxy you hold there for me

In every dream I dream the sweetest things in disguise
Stand by me, oh my center of gravity, I certainly love thee

My fingers on the strings of guitar tuning melodies unknown
Thrilling fascinations making me shiver in the cold of the night

Lost in the depth of your eyes I am so in love with you forever
With you all the shining stars, all gorgeously perfect in my sight

All I see in this world goes through you above and truly beyond
Streets of gold into the miseries of nights alone is darkest shadows

Yet beneath the clouds of mist lies my firing heart filled in passion
Loving you had always been the charm, love has been all it knows 

Soul witnesses fascinating plans my crazy heart makes every day
Silver linings on gold bars less shiny than your beautiful juicy lips 

Seeing this world through you, I taste everything with your touch
Baby….! Every girl I see is you, fine perception of a romantic eclipse

© Rana M All Rights Reserved

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