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Articles about love or articles about love and relationships consume all the energies of lovers. It starts with passion like a dreamboat. Math was not his primary concern as a subject. He was always annoyed at things he didn’t fancy. It appeared like lava kept bubbling inside him, ready to flip everything tirelessly if he articulated. Teenagers are always contentious, but he was more obstinate than typical kids: a brilliant student but a feisty teenager, I must say. There were summer vacations, and he never used to travel anywhere. His father told him to visit one of his uncles. Being shy, he always hesitated gatherings and people he was unfamiliar with it. But his father insisted that he might want to refresh his mind from the burden of studies, and it might make him learn something new. He acknowledged and boarded a train to his uncle’s place.

Trials of Fire

After two days, he recognized it was quite tedious to stay there as he was relatively modest from the inside. His uncle’s kids were amusing, and he used to spend most of his time with them. One day they were all holding an old diary where someone wrote a sensual fantasy in their past. They could not figure out who wrote it, but the story was engaging. Aysel was prudent than them all, and she immediately contrived to duck the diary from other kids as they were younger than both of them.

The younger kids might get curious about words used in the journal, which, by all means, were inappropriate for the younger audience. He smirked when she did that and questioned her, why did you do that? Do you know the definition of “sensual,” which is written in the diary? She nodded, “Yes I know but I can tell you the meaning, later on, cannot tell you in front of the kids.” He said, ” all right then we will discuss it later.”

Runway Affair

The word sex, sensual, or seduction is unceasingly enthusiastic about discussing in any scenario or situation. Both were curious and desired to converse about it whenever they can own time. They frequently used to read collectively or concern about their subjects and grades at school. Falak was a senior while Aysel was a bit younger than him, so she studied as a junior. They both didn’t know what was going to occur to them shortly. They had no clue what they were about to dive into and what they were about to explore.


The next morning they captured some time chatting alone as the other kids played, and they could say a few words in private. So he launched the dialogue saying, “so Aysel tell me what do you comprehend about those words inscribed on that diary yesterday.” She turned pink in a second; he could see shy tides on her cheeks, spinning one corner to the other. With her eyes down, she uttered, “I don’t know much I just studied about it someplace.” He grew more curious; his cheeks sprang throbbing like he was going through the fire. The flames of passion started consuming them alive, but they didn’t know what direction they were about to fall.

Both were inexperienced and bashful at the same time. But they didn’t let go of this matter and were anxious to review it. Clinging on to the subject more precisely, she carried on the discussion and asked him, “you never learned or discovered these words anywhere?” He replied, “Yes I have but never have discussed with anyone.” It was possibly the time for both of them to discuss the opposite gender for the first time in their lives. Both were curious and wanted to speak more and more about it.Articles about Love | Articles about love and relationships | Dream Boat

Playground Illusion

From now on, they had more excitement in each other and commenced making time to discuss something. Curiosity was at the peak, and they were drawn into the spectrum even though they didn’t recognize anything about its appeal and values. When love rises to develop, even the miniature features matter the most. The integrity of humankind does not assign anything to overwhelm the powerful grip of desire. Both were young and were at the very inception of their days. They didn’t understand the world’s hanky pankys; the characteristics and emotions were clean and fresh. Falak was more determined, yet Aysel was more rational and balanced.

Maybe girls are invariably like that; they are always smooth and delicate. He was so seized and addicted to her in a few days that momentarily he never aspired to let her out of his sight. It was his first time encountering a girl and speaking to her about anything he wanted from his heart. For her, he was the one she was interacting with for the first time about barricaded topics. The energy was extraordinary because both were young and vigorous.

But they had no idea what to respond or what to do. All the romance they vanquished was procured from movies they could watch. They had not even begun holding hands together; there was no touch, so they had no idea what it feels like when they would touch each other. Articles about love or articles about love and relationships consume all the energies of lovers. It starts with passion like a dreamboat.

Belonging season

They ought to be extremely careful, so no one snatches them diving into each other’s eyes and get noticed. Falak didn’t bother what the hell was going on outside this moment. He was crazy at this. Most of the time, he could not even discern the skipped meals. He was longing into the perception of a lover—the charms of a passionate romance, and the glory of a delightful journey. Aysel has no idea, or perhaps he didn’t understand what she was thinking about her at that particular time.

It is entirely possible that both could have the same sentiments about each other. It was the beginning of something spectacular and turbulent, which people denominate love. How dangerous it might get, they had no trace. They resumed their conversations and, most of the time, had success striking eye contact. They intimately absorbed and elaborated their sign language and could interact with each other without saying a word. Their warm bodies were craving for each other, but their minds were busy getting to know each other yet. Articles about love or articles about love and relationships consume all the energies of lovers. It starts with passion like a dreamboat.


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