All I want

To be giddy with verse of birds
I want to listen to nature’s playground
With comfort of my breath and soul
To endure time more love cluttered
Drowns for the spring so charming
Calls me no day is what
To the forest I want an entertainment
A tight hug to draw dreams of passion
Where a kiss describes all moods
More than of flowers in my hands
Lure of nature lifts the brightness
To run away of forest birds but
I want your face to fill up my day
your lips to lift up all pleasures
With colorful pictures in my eyes
My inspiration is all what you got
I want the chorus of humming birds
To fill your days with delicious melodies
This has drawn out the creations
The beauty, the passion and the love
The secret emotions to gaze upon
To live is to read the life and you
The coldest is for love a rush
Frozen feelings slapped together
I go bury them now forever
The sunshine and the singing flowers
Perfection of feelings as companions
Not complete without them to discover
A simpler time with pride creations
Now buried somewhere in tilled soil

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