A Churlish Cheating Duck

Churlish cheating duck is a poem written mainly for poems about cheating. It is about people who cheat in love. And it about the agony lovers do receive. A churlish cheating duck in Love Poems or Poems about cheating and in even in poetry. You will find this poem touching and appealing. My book The Perfect Betrayal is a great book writing in this scenario. No matter how ugly a relationship may seem, no one should be allowed to cheat. Joys and charms always lost in pain if someone cheats you.

Churlish Cheating Duck
Written by Rana M

Dodging mirrors are ugly, as a metaphor claiming notions
The heart repels the odds, of the rising thunderstorm

Sneak back the past for kisses and joys lost in pain
The passionate thrills still looky, yet ready to confirm

Wild as a beast, she devoured the hell out of the Love
Confronting emotions by the war of the words

No harm could ever cross over a woman’s magic
Nevertheless, her heart tends to be the house of cards

Love stays love, by the moment she confirms it to be
or it is a hell gets lose, on the world of a loving heart

No matter how absurd it may seem, it is what it is
A churlish cheating duck would never be a sweetheart

Copyright © 2019 Rana M  All Rights Reserved
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