My love for you is like the stars at night,
It glows in the sky and gives off light,

 It’s gentle, kind, and warm throughout,
And I’m so fortunate to have you, no doubt.

 My heart beats faster when you’re around,
My worries wash away, no longer bound,

Your smile brings me joy and peace,
And my love for you will never cease.

The days and nights pass so fast,
But I’ll never know how long it will last,

Your touch is soft and tender,
My passion will never end, you’ll see.

A love unbound | | My passion will never end | My love for you

A love unbound poem describes the notion that my passion never ends, so my love for you will never cease. A love unbound I all that a heart possesses when it needs to speak.

© RANA M 12 February 2023, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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