There are many but 10 reasons explained here to travel to Portugal. Portugal, the gorgeous pearl of Europe, is located mostly on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. It is the westernmost sovereign country of mainland Europe. Comprising bordered to the west and south by the Atlantic Ocean and to the north and east by Spain. Its region also covers the Atlantic archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira. Both autonomous areas with their own regional governments. Lisbon, Porto, Madeira & the Azores are the main attractions.

1- Lisbon – The romance to fall in love with

Lisbon | Europe Vacation

It is the spot on ‘everyone’s lips, and its gusty sea views, glossy tiled facades. Red roofs emphasize the gorgeous portrait. The food shocks, with a gravity far beyond the famous pastéis de Nata (custard tarts) that are so famous and cherished. Lisbon is a city of seduction and passion hidden in the conundrum of affection. It is decorated with narrow streets, long shadows, and lantern light. On cobbles, the radiance of sun dances over the domes. Dawn mops in on the Atlantic flurry, portraying the ‘city’s red rooftops pink. Nodding a limit to the ‘nights’ romance spread across the shadows of romance. You can squander yourself in Lisbon, fling prudence to the breeze. And simply fall in love with its eternal beauty.

2- The Weather of Portugal

Portugal has the most gorgeous weather in Europe. Landed on the western corner of Europe, Lisbon is the ‘continent’s most sunshiny capital city. Claiming an average of 2,799 hours of sunshine a year.

3- The beautiful city of Porto

  Portugal Lisbon

With its ancient spirit, new murmur, luxurious gold-laced churches. Molded-in two by the Douro river, downtown Porto has a hushed elegance. While the seaside suburbs have observed something of a resurrection in recent times. Keeping the most delightful collection of bars, restaurants, and cafes. Which offer a genuine collop of local life. Its ancient core was announced a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. The western part of its urban area stretches to the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. Its foundation dates back to many centuries. When it was a vanguard of the Roman Empire.

4- The wine

Lisbon | Europe Vacation | Porto wine

Portugal’s national drink (port or Porto) is universal across the country. Any bar and restaurant deserving its salt will offer the wine. It is a Portuguese fortified wine produced with concentrated grape distillations completely in the Douro Valley in the northern provinces of Portugal. It is typically a sweet, red wine, frequently served as a dessert wine. Though it also comes in dry, semi-dry, and white varieties.

5-The impeccable beaches

Impeccable beaches

Portugal’s lovely coastline, stable weather. And elegant seaside resources present it as one of Europe’s most desirable destinations for a beach break. Portugal is one of Europe’s best surfing destinations with a wave for every skill. Best of all, they are comparatively uncrowded.

6-The Vasco da Gama Bridge

The Vasco da Gama Bridge

It is the largest bridge in Europe following the Crimean Bridge. To summarize with a total length of 12.3 kilometers (7.6 mi). In addition to it includes 0.8 kilometers (0.50 mi) for the main deck and 11.5 kilometers (7.1 mi) in viaducts. To begin with, it was built to lighten the congestion on Lisbon’s 25 de Abril Bridge. And to reduce the necessity for traffic. Between the country’s northern and southern regions to reach through the capital city.

7-The most affordable destination

Tours to Portugal diminish the surprise. Above all even it practices the euro, but the country prevails one of the most affordable destinations on the Continent. Allowing visitors the culture of Western Europe for Eastern European prices. Annual Holiday Money Report, the Post Office reported Portugal the second most suitable value destination for a European getaway.

8- Madeira Island

Madeira Island

Madeira is one of the two independent regions of Portugal (along with the Azores). Madeira is an archipelago located in the North Atlantic Ocean, southwest of Portugal. Here it draws a more sophisticated clientele. The island’s exciting scenery and biological wonders are gorgeously attractive. Excellent food and wine, plus the amazingly beautiful landscapes. It is one of the reasons one must travel to Portugal.

9- The Azores- A charming reason to travel to Portugal

 The Azores

Floating in the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 850 miles from mainland Portugal. The Azores possess the most eye-catching landscapes. In additions to it is one of the two independent regions of Portugal (along with Madeira). It is an archipelago containing nine volcanic islands in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Its prime industries are agriculture, dairy farming, livestock, fishing. And tourism, which is becoming a significant service activity in the region. Besides, the government of the Azores employs a large percentage of the population. Therefore directly or indirectly in the service and tertiary sectors. The central city is Ponta Delgada.

10- The nightlife

Lisbon | Europe Vacation | Night life

From the streets of Lisbon and Porto to the seaside resorts. Portugal’s love for a night on the tiles is no mystery. Hence less grasped in general. However, is the country’s growing affection for Afro-house. Beyond which is introduced from Africa like it’s going out of fashion. To summarise the genre has seen the resourceful ground in Lisbon’s exciting clubbing display. Thus it’s poised to expand across the country. It is one of the greatest reasons one must travel to Portugal

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Incipience of the stars that keep searching through the nights
Wisdom, love, or affection residing in the depth of my heart

Driven through the edge of my dreams, purple sorrows scream
Scattered emotions on the verge of death start falling apart

But she surely stays still in the remnants of my wounded soul
Lips still kissable,  scent even worthy and her body, work of art

The love in my heart often overpowers the hate that she deserves
In the wilderness of her evil, the heart kept in search of a sweetheart

The equity of norms tend to feed us through culture and traditions
feelings in burning waves of storms, like quivering flames they start

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Breathtaking love poems for her is a poem I have written about feelings and emotions. In search of a sweetheart. The sweetheart neckline to the love poetry for her. In all the love poetry you’ll find the sweetheart’s beauty. Breathtaking love poems for her or short love poems for her are just to reveal the beauty of a sweetheart. She is gorgeous & my sweetheart.

Breathtaking love poems for her

It is like many of my other romantic poems. I have tried to explain and express my deepest feelings about love, life, and romance. The more I go deeper the more I get emotional. And the more I then write about the fundamentals and basics of love, feelings, and emotions.

My poems are the essence of my poesy. Like you can read Magic Fall which is my latest poem. And further you can read my books to know more about what I write. Namely the book The Perfect Betrayal can be a good read.

The course of love is not easier, many fail in the process and many have different opinions about love and life but the more you indulge in it, the more you dive deeper into the melody of love. Amazingly wonderful and sensational emotions add more value to life and bring passion and thrill to your mood. Breathtaking love poems for her or short love poems for her are just to reveal the beauty of a sweetheart. She is gorgeous & my sweetheart.

Short love poems for her

A word, a feeling, an emotion or a relationship, a gesture, food of the soul or opinion, an orientation, a formula, a lifestyle or gig to impress others. A reality, a discussion, deeper truth, gift of nature an invitation to passion. It is not about reasons but the gravity of the emotions when you have love or you in love, you do love or whatever the possible term is but one thing I know for sure is that Love is the most powerful feeling on earth and there has not been any other emotion of feeling greater than this ever discovered or experienced by mankind till now. Breathtaking love poems for her or short love poems for her are just to reveal the beauty of a sweetheart. She is gorgeous & my sweetheart.

Sweet love

The answer is that in reality love is a powerful sentiment that ignites all your energies visible or invisible and brings out a raging fire that turns the wheels of passion and gives you the pleasure which is the most delightful and most expensive and rare on this planet. Yet for many, it turns out to be not more than a firecracker as the intentions of the lover could have been so feeble or the ultimate glory requested was not real love. 

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As everyone knows, Baku is one of the magnificent cities of Azerbaijan. The charisma of beautiful cities is always overwhelming. And the curiosity to know about the place too is still fascinating. Most popular travel destinations are always filled with beauty and rich in culture and heritage. Baku is indeed a pretty form of nature spread across the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains. It is one of the magnificent cities of Azerbaijan. Where is what time is in Baku? most people ask or inquire about Baku weather, time and attractions.

People are always curious about why I am not presenting destinations like other bloggers/vloggers? The reason is one must define the actual beauty and importance of the place rather than showing off him/herself. I believe information is more critical than self-advertisement.

Baku, Azerbaijan –Situated on a great location

Azerbaijan is located on one of the most adoring landscapes on earth. Azerbaijan is a country of eastern Transcaucasia. Holding an area that fringes the southern sides of the Caucasus Mountains. It is surrounded on the north by Russia, moving the east by the Caspian Sea. Toward the south by Iran, at the west by Armenia, and toward the northwest by Georgia. The exclave of Naxçıvan (Nakhichevan) is situated southwest of Azerbaijan fitting. Bordered by Armenia, Iran, and Turkey. In enhancement to its various and frequently gorgeous region. Azerbaijan extends a combination of traditions and modern development. The people of its secluded areas clutch many notable folk traditions. It is one of the magnificent cities of Azerbaijan. Where is what time is in Baku? most people ask or inquire about Baku weather, time and attractions.

What you can explore the first day you land in Baku

After you land in the city let us see what we can cover in a day.
1-As I travel to other cities in the World as well, the first thing you do when you arrive is to reach your hotel.

2-The next thing is to find a nearby supermarket to buy some essentials. The reason is you cannot just have food right away after you land, you need water, chocolates, snacks, yogurt, milk, and local fruits to battle with Jetlag.
3- The next thing you do is to find a sim card. One of the most essential things to have is the damn internet. You cannot stay behind Social media and most of all the information you can find over the web.

Baku Funicular

Alright, the first place to be after all the tasks mentioned above to head towards Baku Funicular. It connects a square on Neftchilar Avenue and Martyrs’ Lane. It is the first and remains the only funicular system in the country. The length of the railway track is 455 meters (1,493 ft), and it consists of a single-track. It is one of the magnificent cities of Azerbaijan. Where is what time is in Baku? most people ask or inquire about Baku weather, time and attractions.

Highland Park Baku

Highland Park is famously known as “Viewing Square.” Earlier in the Soviet era, it was revived as “Sergei Kirov park.” It is one of the most popular places in Baku. Best knows as to have a walk, rest, and to enjoy the sea view. You can take comfort by breathing fresh air, observing the city. Drinking tea in the Highland Park Café while listening to the classical lounge music. It’s the best place to relax, and it is located right in the heart of Baku.

The Stunning Flame towers

The Flame Towers consist of three buildings: South, East, and West. Flame Towers is a multi-use complex being revealed in Azerbaijan’s capital city Baku. When finished in 2012, the complex will be one of the tallest skyscrapers in the country. at nearly 200m.

Fountain Square

It is a public square in downtown Baku. The square was earlier called Parapet and is often referenced to by the same name now. The name of the fountains square originates from the appearance of dozens of fountains. Throughout the square first constructed during the Soviet rule of Azerbaijan.

The little Venice

Located nearby the Caspian seashore you will feel as in Venice. By visiting ‘Small Town of Venice.’ The restaurants located in the ‘islands’ offer several meals of different cuisine. Including Azerbaijanian tasty dishes. It will be interesting firstly to observe around in gondola. Later to have a great lunch or dinner in the ‘islands.’ Currently, Mini Venice has various islands that are divided into primary water channels. Beautiful gorgeous bridges connect these islands. You can hire a 4 seater Gondola for a ride around these islands
. It is one of the magnificent cities of Azerbaijan. Where is what time is in Baku? most people ask or inquire about Baku weather, time and attractions.

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The Top 5 Handy Travel Hacks are derived from the latest travel terms and phenomenons. We follow guidelines and always look for handy travel hacks to have a better journey. The travel Hacks are derived from the latest traveling hacks terms and phenomenons. International travel hacks follow the tips accordingly.

1- Keep Digital copies of your travel documents

Your passport, ticket, insurance, and all other related documents must have digital copies saved somewhere in case of any mishap. The best way is to scan or take screenshots and email them to you. This way, even if you lose your phone, you can still have access to your email and find those at any point you want. The travel Hacks are derived from the latest traveling hacks terms and phenomenons. International travel hacks follow the tips accordingly.

2- Go “private browsing” before booking a flight online
/ one of top 5 travel hacks

Most travel apps or official websites of airlines use cookies for their websites. This way, they track your data and know what trip you have searched for and when. So multiple searches can alert them as what flight you are eager to buy, so they increase prices accordingly. So switch your phone to ” private browsing” before booking any flight online.

3- You don’t have to look for screens for when your flight timings/boarding

Technology has answered many questions and has eased down our lives in many ways. Imagine you have to go run at every airport you travel to look for a screen to check when and on which gate, your flight’s boarding is going to start. Just download Flightboard app on your phone and start traveling like a VIP from now on.

4- Use offline google maps

No matter how much research you have done or how many vlogs you have just watched before you are flying to a city. Always remember that all the information that you feed in your brain only helps when you actually do it on your own on the go. You do not always have access to a wifi connection or cannot afford to buy a sim card in every city you are going to. So the best way to explore is to download offline google maps, update them and use them while you are going.

5- Keep an empty water bottle with you at all times

No liquids are allowed on almost all airports in the world. The best way to save time and money is to keep an empty water bottle with you. This way, when you have walked past security checks, you can refill your water at any airport or inside a plane. You don’t have to pay for water any more while traveling. The travel Hacks are derived from the latest traveling hacks terms and phenomenons. International travel hacks follow the tips accordingly.

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Daughter Poems

Beneath the universe
around this world,
my heart counting stars
Marks upon moments in despair,
dreams & emotions that I need

The lucky charms abandoned
my worthiest play lands
quite a while ago now
The profound nature of relationships
remains pondering lust of greed

Till the hope is alive
my dear daughters,
my heart fights on and on

I am battling the sword of time,
the stronger I get, the more I bleed

My wounded soul by all means
holds the memories of you
and all of those halcyon days

As these years pass by, agonizing
but to motivate my spirits to lead

Standinig still with this belief
to have you with me one day
my lovely dear daughters
My heart and soul, my prayers
Blessings are with you on this Eid

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On this Eid again there is Eid in Pakistan and my daughters are celebrating. Still missing them but my love for them is as fresh as the blood runs in my veins. I have written daughter poems just to remember them. I love my daughters Utaybah and Umaiza.

Although I have written a complete book in their memory it always seems not enough to talk about them or to explain the agony what I feel about them all the time. I love my daughters.The sorrows that I carry are huge and living without them is such a difficult life I never imagined. The name of the book I wrote is” Dear Darling Pearls”. The book is in paperback and Ebook formats and available online for purchase.


Many poems earlier as well in their memory ” Utaybah” and “Umaiza” respectively. I see through the window from the past how beautiful they are. I love my daughters Utaybah and Umaiza more than my life and I would always love them till I have my last breath. They are my everything. 

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