Let the tears fall

Let the tears fall
Written by Rana M

Every time piece of the nearest past shrug me with a sigh
Part of me being dragged into a painful agony lost in tears

My soul gnawed upon relentlessly by some demon like humans 
Deprivation of life while being alive is the sum of all fears 

I miss your giggles and laughs oh dear darling daughters
An inexplicable pain in my dying heart rises and appears 

Emotions that cry rivers to the depth of my captivating sorrows 
My soul bleeds to the wounds Of arrows and spears 

Oh remnants of the last memory do not stop, let my tears fall 
We share sorrows, the distress is not so different mine or theirs

© Rana M    18 February 2019   All Rights Reserved 

© Rana M    16 February 2019   All Rights Reserved 

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