Burn me alive

Burn me alive
Written by Rana M

Walking along the road in the dark, I have moved miles 
Down in this loneliness I have missed home relentlessly 

To all the gestures and emotions who accompanied me 
In my darkest days  rescued my dying heart endlessly 

Oh sweet love swing my fate the way it must has to be 
Me and my broken heart waiting for it tremendously 

My soul that fall apart for all the betrayal received so far
The love of my life wounded in search of life carelessly 

Counting stars in the rein of sorrows above and beyond
Crossing lines of hopes in the battle of love breathlessly

So burn me alive, love me and watch me burn till I breath 
I had been loving you since the beginning of life selflessly 

¬© Rana M    16 February 2019   All Rights Reserved 

¬© Rana M    16 February 2019   All Rights Reserved 

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