The Fabulous Japan

The Fabulous Japan

Before writing this post I was wondering from where to begin. There might have been plenty of writers who have acknowledged and written the glorious Japan in their words praised it and explained beautifully the beauty it carries, though I am going to explain it my way, the way I felt and observed.

The Love


I love to travel, it’s my hobby. I believe it is very much related to poetry, art or anything creative you can imagine doing, you actually take a break from the world for a while and plunge into the depth of an ocean or beauty of a city and explore the richness of its culture and beauty. I certainly believe in the quote “If traveling was free, you would never see me again”. Yet the curiosity to know and witness nature in different parts of the world you need to prepare yourself to be amused by the ultimate glory and fabulous beauty of nature that has been designed centuries ago for us to explore and enjoy.

The most adorable place ,the most beautiful peopleIMG_5167

I actually study deeply into a place before I plan to travel, yet when I reached Japan I said to myself “there was so much more to read boy”. The explanation to an utmost fascinating and glorified place still needs a lot of definitions and descriptions beyond imaginations. I am just about to try and define the glorious beauty and deepest roots of the richest culture of a nation which is as calm as nature itself, as peaceful as heaven and as fascinating as the Universe. The aspect of visiting a place is not always just about the place but about the people, their culture, food, atmosphere and their behavior. The moment I landed in Japan, I had never seen such hospitality and love of the people towards you anywhere else in the world. No matter what race you are, what are your religious beliefs, what dress you wear or what mentality you have, you will find Japanese people to treat you equally with love and compassion, respect and honor. When I reached there I clearly understood that I am going to witness heaven on earth. From airport to the hotel, whomever I asked anything I felt like those people were waiting for me to ask for help and they were ready to guide me whatever I wanted to know. It was an amazing feeling which can only be experienced when you visit a lot many countries and then you reach somewhere like Japan which was always your dream place to visit and an ideal culture to know about.




As soon as I reached the hotel I didn’t really want to stay back even if I had a jet lag, my body was insisting to take some rest. I already was in Love with the place and the people and my heart was constantly asking me to go out and meet as many people as I can because they were so nice and charming. I quickly changed and came out in the street outside the hotel. There were numerous restaurants, super markets and departmental stores nearby. Out of my curiosity when I looked up in the sky it was about to rain. Oh dear Lord, what glory, in store already. I love rain and love it more when it’s raining at a place you already in love with. What a beautiful feeling. It cannot be explained in words. I went to a superstore nearby and bought Yogurt, water, bread and some snacks. It was late night, I came back to the hotel and decided to take some rest finally to get ready for my first day in Tokyo tomorrow.

The ExcitementIMG_5011

The next morning, I was so excited, I had my backpack ready with my camera, its lenses and batteries etc. I was walking down the street taking pictures, asking people to take my pictures it was so amazing, it was one of the best mornings of my life ever. The place was Akasaka and after walking for about five minutes I reached at a train station. Down in the subway pretty soon I was asking the Station master about the routes to different places in the city from that place. Soon he got occupied by people and it was not just enough to understand and plan my day from there. But then I asked a girl standing right at the corner of the ticketing machine lost into her phone, she quickly responded and not only she explained how to collect ticket from the machines but also helped me understanding the train schedule, timings and places to visit. That’s the beauty of Japan, everyone is so helpful and hospitable that it’s amazing to watch. The first place I decided to visit was “The Meiji Shrine”. It was drizzling a bit and it was a walk from the crowded streets filled with beautiful people to the tall trees with a lot of greenery. It was a walk through the light forest to the main shrine and lot of people were walking toward it, you really don’t need to ask someone where you have to go because everyone is either walking towards that direction or coming back from it. Pretty soon I was at the gate of the main shrine and just before that I saw a pond of water with wooden artifacts and I heard a woman explaining the “purifying” process before going towards the shrines. It was interesting to learn. And then it was amazing to read numerous wooden pieces hanging outside of the shrine with massages from people around the world who visited, it was truly exciting and colorful. IMG_5170

The way you show respect to the shrine was also great, you throw some coins in the wooden boundary outside, then you clap your hands twice and bow. It was amazing. But the most interesting part to me was the place where charms on wood and paper are being sold for good luck, fortune etc. It was written on the wooden bottle to shake it and then see your fortune. I did it immediately and I saw a stick came out with a number “19” written on a small flag. I took that to the lady over there and she gave me my fortune against the number I got and I couldn’t believe what I was about to read and it exactly reads like this “OMIKUJI – This poem was composed, in the traditional 31-syllable form, by either the Emperor Meiji or the Empress Shoken. It is hoped that the poem’s message will have particular meaning for you.  (MEIJI JINGO- Tokyo). IMG_5171

I could not believe my eyes as I am a Poet and it seemed like an amazing message a deep and warm welcome especially designed for me, telling me that it is about me. What a glorious feeling that is, I am so much intrigued and happy that I was given a gift at my visit and it was a poem and was about poetry. Wow, it cannot be explained in words.  I am truly in love with Japan already. After this I walked back to the station and went to Sky tree- Tokyo. It is another beautiful place to visit. Day after another day I happened to visit naturally gifted places like Nico, Karuizawa, Ueno, Takasaki and Asakusa. The beauty is inexplicable and the time that I had planned seemed not enough to really explore and visit truly amazing places beyond imaginations.

The FabulousIMG_5001

The dazzling street lights to blooming flowers, from mountains to glorious suburbs, from technology to innovation, from peace to harmony, gorgeous and fabulous, JAPAN is what a tremendous country with vigilant people and vibrant skies. I have never ever seen such beauty packed into one place with all the prettiest things one can hope for. If someone would ask me what I like the most in Japan and my answer will be “People”. Yes, the people are truly and undoubtedly amazing. I have not seen a single person there as angry, tired or upset. They have calmness on their faces, priceless smiles and peace. The most beautiful part of their culture I must say is their Women. The most beautiful on earth, most polite and extremely talented.  It is one of the reasons why Japan is one of the most amazing and prosperous countries of the world. This story is not over yet, there is a lot to write, a lot to explore and a lot more to explain ………

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  To be continued …………

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