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  • The smell of fresh-cut cedar in the beehives of a wild forest Roses beneath the cruel wild thorns are still alive, appa...

  • Dropped in the rattle of this depth of your beautyA world beneath the ocean, silent in its reflection Mysteries of...

  • Submerged in beauty, stay put every night In zeals of pleasures in the starry skies; Like ridges of leaves, immotile and...

  • In the chasm of my emotions, living free in thy spirits, MY HEART beats like a river Conspicuous melodies of the birds i...

  • Only if I could Love you to the profundities undiscovered on distant lands They reckon to love those chirping birds in t...

  • Chain, my soul, twisting in the habit of kissing me slow I’m numb; I can’t feel a thing except you and the s...

  • See-through curtains of idealistic dreams that strive every senseShyness beneath each feeling which surrogates notions a...

  • The dancing daisies could be more vigorous today as much as the trees in the garden. She was singing slow while lecturin...

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