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  • I had not contrived to perceive the hypnosis of her eyes, thoughAnd her sumptuous voice sailed straight to the bottom of...

  • Her lips hit the waves in the air to summon the universe all at onceDuck her name, she insists, but how is it plausible ...

  • The recollections I remained with are growing tired now everydayThe air I breathe in still carry your scent or at least ...

  • I don’t care if you are illiterate enough to recognize feelings and emotions I don’t care if you are so numb...

  • Yellow leaves falling from the trees lining up the streets at onceDreams crumble like paper in the wind with your eyes w...

  • Memories foiled up in curtain of despair into some lonely nightsThe heart splits, to sum up, mysteries beyond this point...

  • She’s beautiful the heart spoke, sumptuous said the soul instantlyBut hither the chirping birds behold, my heart p...

  • Her white shirt and black jeans, glistening shoes on a tip-top yachtBeneath moonlight dance, her beauty sparkles like di...

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