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  • In empires of grace where moonlight weaves,It is a tale of power, a heart that believes.Behold the beauty, a woman&#8217...

  • When beauty sings, ecstasy touches every sense; Melodies linger, a soul’s loving recompense. Prodigy’s curse...

  • The beauty of the moon that guides my mornings, noons, and nightsThere is no blemish in the songs of nightingales, their...

  • In beauty’s gentle realm, I softly tread,Where words untold in verses sweetly spread, To capture what in every hea...

  • A gleam above the surface of the waves ferociously wildThe calm in the middle of thunder creates chaos I oppose The thun...

  • My love for you is like the stars at night,It glows in the sky and gives off light,  It’s gentle, kind, and w...

  • Dodge notions who wish to be vigorousForget the world and whatever is in it   Keen to touch her where she sensesThe lone...

  • Quite a sunset as usual at the shores of my unparallel emotionsThe sheen in her eyes is brilliant but drives in another ...

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